3 Day Startup

Pitch an idea. Team up. Launch your startup in a weekend.

Activate your entrepreneurial potential and kickstart your future at IWU's 3 Day Startup!  This annual event brings together students and community members across all specialties for three days full of collaboration, creativity, and transformative change. Students will have to opportunity to work together in small groups to bring an idea to life.  By the third day, each team will pitch their startup business to a group of panelists for a chance to receive $3,000 in seed funding!  No matter your experience or entrepreneurial background, this event will give you the necessary tools and skills to effectively launch a business.


No idea? No problem!

If you don't have an idea for a startup, that's okay!  You just might have your "a-ha moment" startup idea on the first day during our kick-off brainstorming session!  - Or  -  There will also be an opportunity for you to choose which startup idea you like the most and join their team.  3 Day Startup is designed to build a new business with a team, not by yourself.

Benefits of Participating

  • Share ideas and work closely with driven, like-minded individuals
  • Learn how to turn an idea into a business - then immediately put it into practice
  • Grow your idea with the help of experienced business owners, mentors, and professors
  • Expand your network and build your community

What happens at 3DS?

3DS Schedule overview


  • All IWU students, local college and high school students, and community members are welcome to participate
  • You cannot use the same idea you've built in a previous IWU 3 Day Startup event
  • You must be able to attend a large majority of the 3DS weekend, your team will be depending on you.
    • If you would like to participate but have a scheduling conflict, please contact lhicks1@iwu.edu
  • The group to present the most compelling pitch on the will receive $3000 to help fund their startup!
*** Please note: Funding will not be sent until the individual winner(s) meet (no longer than 15 minutes) with a member of the IWU Innovation Committee to discuss the potential of their idea and how the committee can be of assistance to the individual.  Milestones may be required for larger funding amounts.

mentor session at 3DS                            Get Involved

      Interested in participating a different way?     

  Volunteer - help run our 3 Day Startup event
  Mentor - interact with & provide guidance to teams
  Panelist - sit on the judging panel at 3DS
  Partner - benefit from contributing to this weekend of innovation 
                        Contact for more Information


Spring 2019 Competition 

Congratulations to the First Annual 3 Day Startup Recipients!

Piece of Mind 2019
PieceofMind (team pictured) won our 1st annual 3DS!
Their startup idea?  To create a smart wristband designed for elementary through high school students to wear while at school.  This will help administrators, teachers, and first responders instantly locate students on a secure location app in case of an emergency.  
Constantine Vessol ’20   Jacque Rupprecht ’22        Keenan Scott ’21   Daniel Gibbons ’22    Jake Arthur ’21
Runner-up awards went to:
  • PostAR
  • SizeMeSimply
  • Foodscape
  • Clean Cut Media
  • Maximum Potential
We are very proud of each student-led team, who demonstrated an incredible amount of ingenuity, hard work, and professionalism throughout this competition.  We're excited to see how these startups grow and develop!