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DTE 3 Day Startup Event

3 Day Startup

About 3 Day Startup

Do you want to gain first-hand experience in starting a business? Have you ever wanted to connect with local business owners, mentors, or professors to build your knowledge base about the startup community? Or do you need seed money to turn your business into a reality? The Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Program is excited to host 3 Day Startup to bring together students across all disciplines for a weekend full of collaboration, creativity, and transformative change. Students will have to opportunity to work together in small groups to start a business all the way from ideation to prototyping to pitch. No matter your business or entrepreneurial background, this event will give you the necessary tools and skills to launch a company. You will effectively build strong teams, conduct customer discovery, develop viable, scalable ventures, and connect with local entrepreneurs, experts, and potential investors.

The group to present the most compelling pitch will receive $3000 to help fund their startup!

When and where is it?

This all-weekend event will be held at Illinois Wesleyan University in State Farm Hall, Room 102. Please allow time to attend each of the following three days:

Who can register to participate?

All local college students, high school students, and community members are welcome to attend. Click here to register!

Is there a cost?

For all Illinois Wesleyan University students, this event is free (but you must still register). There will be a $50 registration fee for community members and all other college and high school students.

**Lunch, dinner, and snacks are included and will be provided.

Please check back soon for more details. If you have any further questions about this event, please contact Lauren Hicks at