Entrepreneurship Minor

alumni entrepreneur panel
Students participating in Illinois Wesleyan's Career Immersion Excursion hear from a panel of alumni who founded their own successful businesses.

Today’s environment demands that graduates be collaborative, innovative and self-starting solvers of business and social problems.

To cultivate entrepreneurial spirit, Illinois Wesleyan's minor in entrepreneurship is specifically designed for students in any non-business major. Students will have the opportunity to develop and then apply their skills and creativity in response to a real business or community need or problem. 

Students in this minor will gain knowledge and skills that will be invaluable, even if they never personally start a small business. All organizations (both for-profit and not-for-profit) engage in entrepreneurial activity. Their employees – our graduates – are most successful when they can expand their organization’s reach by designing new products, opening new facilities or geographical markets, finding new clients to be served or new ways to serve the existing ones. 

The entrepreneurial spirit is needed and rewarded in virtually every endeavor in life. 

In the minor's capstone experiential learning course - Project in Entrepreneurship - students will work with the instructor and successful for-profit and social entrepreneurs. Students will develop their ideas and present them to off-campus leaders who are in a position to see students' ideas result in real start-up enterprises.


Starting with academic year 2020 - 2021 and beyond. The minor requires six courses:

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship (BUS 240)
  2. Law for Entrepreneurs (BUS 325)
  3. Accounting for Entrepreneurs (ACC 113)
  4. Starting a Business (BUS 340)
  5. Project in Entrepreneurship (BUS 440)
  6. One elective course: Principles and Management (BUS 331), Grant Writing (PSCI/SOC 398) or The Entrepreneurial Musician (MUS 315)