The economics department is proud of our majors. Most come in knowing little or no economics.  But they learn fast, from the faculty, and from each other. They see what students just a little older are doing, and are emboldened to do likewise. By senior year, they too are organizing field trips, doing internships, editing their own volume of The Park Place Economist, or presenting their own original research. Senior and Junior majors (as of Summer 2015) are listed below by class.


Carl Anderson
Brendan McCann
Joseph Bakke
Brian Nelms
Anh Dao
Linh Nguyen
Michael Hennel
Ngoc Giao Nyugen
Landon Hoffman
Michelle Riechers
Eric Hyla
Muhammad Rizvi
Haotian Jiang
Karen Silverman
Maxwell Leonard
Tyler Stacey
Lu Liao
Michael Tumlos
Licen Lu
Bram Warshawsky
Hanlun Lu
Jonas Wightman
Stephanie McAtee
Arica Williams



Emmanuel Ahonkhai
Duc Nguyen
Nathan Atkins
Donald Nordstrom
Madalyn Browning-Perry
Hang Phung
Brennan Cira
Brian Streu
Marissa Cozzi
Kha Tran
Cassidy Elgeness
Martijn Van Dooren
Thomas Floyd
Thanh Vu
Sean Grady
Cody Williamson
Alexander Horwitz
Kairui Zhang
Brigitta Jakob
 Junru Zhao
 Yizi Liu