The economics department is proud of our majors. Most come in knowing little or no economics.  But they learn fast, from the faculty, and from each other. They see what students just a little older are doing, and are emboldened to do likewise. By senior year, they too are organizing field trips, doing internships, editing their own volume of The Park Place Economist, or presenting their own original research. Senior and Junior majors (as of Summer 2016) are listed below by class.


Raymond Bolton
Jeremiah Lindquist
Hsin-Jou Chang
Kurt Meyer
Christopher Collins
Caroline Monsen
Brandon Fricke
Helena Rosse
Olivia Heffernan
Katelyn Schwiderski
Ryan Kaplan
Cody Sennett



Colin Bonnett
Xiou Liu
Brandon Chang
Trang Luu
Mark Falotico
Nathan Newman
Rowland Filbert
Ryan Ozelie
Jason Gregoire
Andrew Pershing
Robert Ladd
William Teichman
Paige Larson
Carl Trunko