Undergraduate Journals

The Park Place Economist
April 2017, Vol. 25

Economics students at Illinois Wesleyan publish two undergraduate journals in economics, The Park Place Economist, and The Undergraduate Economic Review.

The Park Place Economist is an in-house undergraduate economics journal. Founded in 1992, this annual publication contains research and position articles written entirely by IWU students. The journal accepts articles ranging from highly specific, research oriented papers (such as those written in Senior Project, ECON 401) to basic topical explorations (such as those written in Introduction to Economics, ECON 100). It also includes news about the economics program on campus, and news from IWU economics alums. For past issues of The Park Place Economist, visit the link above.



UER 2009 Logo

The Undergraduate Economic Review is a unique online journal founded by students at Illinois Wesleyan, under the guidance of Professor Michael Seeborg. This free journal offers undergraduate students at all universities the chance to publish their original research papers in economics. It is the goal of this journal to encourage high-quality undergraduate research. It accepts submissions from undergraduates across the world year-round, reviewing and posting papers online during the academic year. Visit the link above for current and past issues.