Student Learning Goals

The Department of Economics has identified the following student learning goals for the major. Each of these goals is directly associated with the curricular program traits described in the course catalog.

  1. Knowledge of Economic Concepts
    Students will master the major concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  2. Analytic Reasoning
    Students will employ the theoretical framework used in economics, and demonstrate the ability to weigh benefits against costs, when addressing economic problems and outcomes.
  3. Methodology and Application
    Students will apply econometric research methods in assessing economic principles, theories, and relationships.
  4. Communication
    Students will communicate effectively in both speech and writing.
  5. Initiative and Synthesis
    Students will independently design, organize, and conduct economic research that illustrates comprehension and mastery of the discipline.

Student learning is assessed using a series of direct and indirect assessment measures matched to the specific student learning goals. The process of assessment in the Economics Department has been planned through an all-inclusive collaborative effort. The faculty of the Department meets periodically to discuss issues related to its students and programs.