Mathematical Preparation for Graduate School in Economics


If you intend to pursue a graduate degree in Economics, we recommend that you consult the guidelines provided by the American Economic Association (AEA): 


 IWU courses that best match these guidelines are:

 Recommendations for entrance into a Master’s program

  • Math 176 (Applied Analysis I)                
  • Math 177 (Applied Analysis II)
  • Math 215 (Linear Algebra)

Recommendations for entrance into a Ph.D. program – the above, plus

  • Math 200 (Techniques of Mathematical Proof)
  • Math 324 (Probability)
  • Math 325 (Mathematical Statistics)
  • Math 340 (Differential Equations)                                  

Other Useful Courses

  • Math 278 (Applied Analysis III)
  • Math 415 (Intro to Real Analysis)