Economics 490: Advanced Research Seminar

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide structure and a forum for communication among advanced students who are doing original research. Each student enrolled in Econ 490 must be doing original research under the guidance of one of the Economics faculty. That research may or may not be for Research Honors.

This course demands that you:

  • complete an original research project and write a formal paper on the research including a literature review, a description of the economic theory, a description of how the theory is to be tested, test results, and a discussion of these results in light of the literature and theory;
  • meet weekly with the professor supervising your research and work closely with him/her;
  • participate actively in Econ 490 class sessions;
  • and present the research results at some forum beyond the class, such as the John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference.

In addition, candidates for Research Honors are expected to comply with the Department of Economics Guidelines for Research Honors.

Prerequisites: Senior class standing, major or minor in economics, and acceptance into the University's Research Honors Program or consent of the department chair.

Grades determined collaboratively with Econ 490 professor and individual research supervisors.