Economics 401: Senior Project

Course Description:

Senior Project is the capstone seminar course in economics. You will have the opportunity to apply research and communication skills to produce an original research paper and to make presentations to the class.

Student activities and presentations make up at least three quarters of the classroom time. During the first class period, you will be assigned to a small group. In the small group, you will support each other in your research efforts.

One of the most important reasons to participate in small group exercises is that economic inquiry in the "real world" is not done in isolation. Exchanging ideas with others is critical in shaping your own arguments and in improving your ability to communicate those arguments. We are fortunate to have in Senior Project, a group of students with good backgrounds in economics. However, since each student has unique comparative advantages, group success hinges on your willingness to "give" as well as "take" in the seminar. Only through good preparation and voluntary exchange within the group can group output be maximized.

Each senior project is developed in phases, beginning with a topic proposal, a full sentence outline, and an annotated bibliography. Also, you are required to submit a preliminary draft of your project. In Senior Seminar, it is essential to start early and work persistently toward the final product.

Prerequisite: Econ 100

Grades determined by quizzes, an oral presentation, and an original research project.