Economics 355: Economics of Developing Countries

Course Description:

This course will introduce you to economic theories and issues that apply specifically to less developed countries. The topics addressed include poverty and income distribution, economic growth, rural-urban migration, the balance between agriculture and industry, trade and industrialization, and the role of financial markets. First, we will explore what is meant by "development" by discussing alternative measures of development and the structural changes that characterize the development process. We will then study several models of development and examine the different strategies that countries have pursued. This course will not focus on any one country or region in particular, but will present different countries' experiences to illustrate major points.

You will also be required to study, in detail, a less developed country of your own choice. The objective of this study will be to conduct a complete analysis of the present economic situation of the country, including a discussion of the most serious problems it is currently facing, as well as specific recommendations towards remedying them.

Prerequisite: Econ 100

Grades determined by two in-class examinations, a comprehensive final, and a group project.