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Will Jaeckle, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology

Department of Biology
Illinois Wesleyan University
Bloomington, IL 61702-2900

Phone: (309) 556-1063
Fax: (309) 556-3864
E-mail: wjaeckle@iwu.edu

Will Jaeckle proudly displaying his first sailfish (collected as larva and contained within the pipette) taken from the western Atlantic Ocean.

Departmental Website:

Will Jaeckle proudly displaying his first sailfish
(collected as a larva and held within the
pipette) taken from the western Atlantic Ocean.


The research projects completed in my laboratory are primarily focused on aspects of the life history, development, physiology, and ecology of invertebrate animals, with particular emphasis on their free-living developmental stage called larvae.  My primary research interests relate to asking and answering questions about how adult and larval marine and aquatic animals acquire nutrients from their environment.  At present, we are working to assess the ability of these animals to assimilate dissolved organic materials (DOM) from marine and fresh waters, the degree to which assimilated DOM is distributed through their bodies, and the importance of DOM as a source of energy and nutrition.  These questions are relevant to our understanding of the biology of animals in both freshwater and marine environments, in polar temperatures or tropical habitats, and from surface waters to the deep-sea.  Our work is varied and not restricted to the assessment of the energetic benefits of DOM transport (see link below to view past and current projects).


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