Dedicated Faculty

Learning is enhanced at Illinois Wesleyan University by the quality of courses and individualized instruction.  Each class and lab is taught by a faculty member who will take time for students' questions, both in and out of class.

  • Elizabeth (Susie) Balser

    Associate Professor

    (Comparative examination of the structure and development of the kidney in starfish and other echinoderms)

    Classes taught: Invertebrate Biology, Parasitology, Experimental Zoology

    Contact: (309) 556-3307 —

  • David Bollivar

    Associate Professor

    (Molecular biology and biochemistry of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis)

    Classes taught: Introduction to Genetics, Molecular Genetics

    Contact: (309) 556-3677 —

  • Loralyn Cozy

    Assistant Professor of Biology

    (How microorganisms develop specialized cell types)

    Classes taught: Microbiology, The Microbial World

    Contact: (309) 556-3057 —

  • R. Given Harper

    George C. and Ella Beach Lewis Endowed Chair of Biology

    (Avian evolutionary ecology)

    Classes taught: General Biology, Ecological and Environmental Problems, Introduction to Ecology,  Field Ornithology, Advanced Ecology, Tropical Ecology: Costa Rica, Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology, Research

    Contact: (309) 556-3056 —

  • William Jaeckle

    Associate Professor

    (Larval life history, development, physiology, and ecology)

    Classes taught: Histology, Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology

    Contact: (309) 556-1063 —

  • Edgar Lehr

    Assistant Professor

    (Biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles in the neotropics (Peru) and in Africa (Rwanda))

    Classes taught: Comparative Anatomy, Evolution

    Contact: (309) 556-3399 —

  • Loni Walker

    Associate Professor

    (Growth and developmental processes in plants)

    Classes taught: Intro. to Cellular and Molecular Biology, Plant Anatomy and Physiology, Topics in Cell Biology

    Contact: (309) 556-3965 —

  • Brian Walter

    Assistant Professor

    (Cell and structural developmental biology)

    Classes taught: Developmental Biology, Molecular Foundations of Molecular Biology

    Contact: (309) 556-3041 —