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The biology faculty are both scholars and teachers, devoted to teaching excellence and to making important contributions to our individual disciplines through fieldwork, research, and writing. Faculty research interests include, environmental sustainability, ecology, genetics, invertebrate form and function, animal developmental biology, cellular function and fate, animal physiology, and much more. We are committed to undergraduate education and teach everything from first-year gateway courses to advanced courses.

Image of Richard Alvey
Richard Alvey

Assistant Professor of Biology

Research Interests: Diversity of viruses in freshwater environments

Contact: (309)

Image of Loralyn Cozy
Loralyn Cozy

Associate Professor of Biology

Research Interests: Regulation of cell division during terminal differentiation

Contact: (309)

Image of R. Given Harper
R. Given Harper

George C. and Ella Beach Lewis Endowed Professor of Biology

Research Interests: Avian evolutionary ecology

Contact: (309)

Image of Libby Haywood
Libby Haywood

Instructional Professor 

Research Interests: Development of Bacterial Toxin-Inspired Drug Delivery (BTIDD) vehicles

Contact: (309) 556-

Image of William Jaeckle
William Jaeckle

Professor of Biology

Research Interests: Larval life history, development, physiology, and ecology

Contact: (309)

Image of Edgar Lehr
Edgar Lehr

Robert Harrington Endowed Professor of Biology

Research Interests: Biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles in the neotropics (Peru, Suriname).

Contact: (309)

Image of Tyler Schwend
Tyler Schwend

Assistant Professor of Biology

Research Interests: Molecular regulation of corneal nerves during eye development

Contact: (309)

Image of Sheryl Soukup
Sheryl Soukup

Laboratory Coordinator for Human Biology (Biology 107 and 108)

Contact: (309)

Image of Loni Walker
Loni Walker

Associate Professor  and Chair of Biology

Research Interests: Growth and developmental processes in plants

Contact: (309)

Image of Brian Walter
Brian Walter

Associate Professor of Biology

Research Interests: Cell and structural developmental biology

Contact: (309)

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