Dedicated Faculty

Learning is enhanced at Illinois Wesleyan University by the quality of courses and individualized instruction.  Each class and lab is taught by a faculty member who will take time for students' questions, both in and out of class.

Brian Walter


Research Interests


Courses Taught

Elizabeth (Susie) Balser

Comparative examination of the structure and development of the kidney in starfish and other echinoderms


Invertebrate Biology, Parasitology, Experimental Zoology

David Bollivar
David Bollivar

Molecular biology and biochemistry of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis


Introduction to Genetics, Molecular Genetics

Given Harper
R. Given Harper

Avian evolutionary ecology


General Biology, Ecological and Environmental Problems, Introduction to Ecology,  Field Ornithology, Advanced Ecology, Tropical Ecology: Costa Rica, Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology, Research

Robert Hippensteele

Membrane transport physiology


Animal Physiology, Neurophysiology, Biostatistics

William Jaeckle

Larval life history, development, physiology, and ecology


Histology, Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology

Edgar Lehr

Biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles in the neotropics (Peru) and in Africa (Rwanda)


Comparative Anatomy, Evolution

Loni Walker
Loni Walker

Growth and developmental processes in plants


Intro. to Cellular and Molecular Biology, Plant Anatomy and Physiology, Topics in Cell Biology

Brian Walter
Brian Walter

Cell and structural developmental biology


Developmental Biology, Molecular Foundations of Molecular Biology


Recent Retirees


Bruce Criley
Bruce Criley

Developmental biology


Biology and Ethics

Norma Criley
Norma Criley

Anatomy and physiology


Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology


Nisa Blackmon

General Biology Lab Coordinator

Cynthia Honegger

 Cindy Honegger

Stockroom Manager