Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABD)


The Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABD) is a group of alumni who serve as the liaisons between Illinois Wesleyan University and our alumni. The AABD also provides connections between alumni and current students. 

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is composed of an Association President, Vice President for Engagement, Vice President for Affinity Groups, Vice President for Committees, and Secretary. As well as representatives from a number of IWU affinity groups and committees. Members appointed should provide diversity of class year, gender, race, and demographic representation, as well as skills that may be needed to better accomplish the Association's mission.

Officers serve a two year term while representatives serve a one year term, as specified by the Bylaws of the Illinois Wesleyan University Alumni Association

Affinity Groups and Committees 

A Governance Committee is responsible for conducting a formal review of the Association’s Bylaws at least once every three years. The Governance Committee also periodically evaluates the AABD's strategic plan, performance, and other policies.