Alumni Association Board of Directors


Dirk Behrends headshot

Dirk Behrends ‘87

Oakland Park, FL
Vice President of Association Solutions for Togetherwork’s Association Division
IWU Major: English
IWU Activities: Sigma Chi Fraternity, Cross Country, Track and Field 
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? “Do well, but do good!” To quote a great man and leader. Our beloved Alma Mater is in need of your “hands” to make for lighter work and greater successes at IWU. Find something at IWU whereby you can give your time, your talent and/or your treasure, and you will leave it better than when you found it! 
AABD Position: President
Derrick L. Tillman-Kelly headshot

Derrick L. Tillman-Kelly ‘09

Columbus, OH
Chief of Staff in The College of Engineering at The Ohio State University 
IWU Major: Biology (Minor in Cognitive Science)
IWU Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Student Senate, Black Student Union, CHOICE (Peer Health Educators)
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? IWU needs your engagement. I would encourage you to stay connected and offer insights into your current life station - you undoubtedly have something to offer the University, generally, and its students, specifically. And, the University likely has resources that can be of help to you.
Why are you an active alum? I wanted to be an active partner in helping to build a better University.
AABD Position: President-Elect, Nominating Committee Chair
Megan Howe headshot

Megan Howe ‘05

Chicago, IL
Managing Director of Revenue at Tier 1 Financial
IWU Major:
Business Administration
IWU Activities:
Volleyball, Economic Society, Sigma Kappa
What advice would you give to fellow alumni?
I've learned that being out of my comfort zone is exactly the place to be. Be fearless, ask when you don't know the answer (we're all figuring life out at different stages!), listen genuinely and intently to everyone you encounter, and learn a skill set that is totally wild.
Why are you an active alum?
Illinois Wesleyan in its entirety supported me when I needed it the most throughout my time on campus, which fills me with gratitude to this day. Being a part of the AABD has been my opportunity to give back to the University that gave me so much.
AABD Position:
Vice President of Alumni Engagement/Committees, Alumni Awards Committee Chair
Jim Richter headshot

Jim Richter ‘93

Marquette, MI
Pathologist at Roche Diagnostics
IWU Major:
Natural Science
IWU Activities:
Theta Chi, Catholic Newman Organization (CNO), Chapel Choir, Gays & Lesbians of Wesleyan (GLOW)
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Be engaged in whatever way best suits you: offer an internship, be a guest speaker/field expert for a course, support student scholarships or come back for Homecoming to celebrate a milestone reunion or just because.
Why are you an active alum? I have been a member of the Pride Alumni Community (PAC) and the AABD for the last decade. I enjoy engaging with other Titans, students and staff to help support students, encourage diversity at Wesleyan, and connect with people who also have a special place in their heart for IWU.
AABD Position:
Vice President of Affinity Groups, Pride Alumni Community Co-Chair

Desiree Quizon-Colquitt headshot

Desiree Quizon-Colquitt ‘89

Normal, IL
Senior Manager of Global External Supply at Pfizer
IWU Major:
IWU Activities:
Titan Band, Concert Band, Student Senate, Circle K
What advice would you give to fellow alumni?
Reconnect with IWU! Attend a regional event, Homecoming, or Titan Talk. Volunteer to be on a committee or affinity group. Talk to a class. Hire a student. There are so many opportunities to have fun, network, and get involved.  
Why are you an active alum?
The cost of college can be overwhelming and daunting to prospective students. Making IWU attractive and affordable to talented and diverse students was a driving force for me to join the Wesleyan Fund Committee. Through the generosity of the Titan community, many students are given the opportunity to receive an excellent liberal arts education.
AABD Position: 
Secretary, Governance Committee Chair


Al Black headshot

Al Black ‘79

Washington, IL
Retired From AT&T 
IWU Major:
Business Administration
IWU Activities:
Dodds Hall President, Interhall Council, Pre-Weekend Committee Chair for Homecoming ‘78. 
What advice would you give to fellow alumni?
Volunteer! It is a great way to make new friends and affect positive change for others as well as yourself. It does not take as much time as you might think and can be very rewarding and fun, too! Organizations are always looking for volunteers, so it’s important that you choose one (or more!) you have a passion for helping. For example, my primary volunteer organizations are Illinois Wesleyan University, Heart of Illinois United Way, and Washington Helps Its People (WHIP) food pantry.
AABD Position: Regional Chapters Chair 
Debra R. Burt-Frazier headshot

Debra R. Burt-Frazier ‘75

Dayton, OH
Assistant Professor of English at Central State University
IWU Major:
English and Journalism
IWU Activities:
Argus Editor, Resident Assistant, Speech Club, Intramural Basketball (Pfeiffer Hall), Liturgical Dancer, WESN, BSU, Experimental Theater, Pep Squad 
What advice would you give to fellow alumni?
Remember your IWU days, and the impact that it had on you. Then pledge to support that continuation of a quality education for other students. Support Illinois Wesleyan – Go Titans!
AABD Position: 
Class Newsletter Editors Chair
Paige Buschman headshot

Paige Buschman ‘17

Washburn, IL
Graduate Program Coordinator at Illinois State University 
IWU Major:
IWU Activities:
President of IWU Pride Alliance 2013-2017, IWU SafeZone Committee Chairperson, Mentor for Illinois Wesleyan University Engaging Diversity Pre-Orientation, Illinois Wesleyan All University Judiciary Committee, Illinois Wesleyan Intercultural Fluency Committee, Council of Inclusion and Awareness
Why are you an active alum?
I felt very grateful for the support that the Pride Alumni Community offered me as a student both personally and in conjunction with my role as President of Pride while on campus. Jim Richter, among other Pride leaders, was a role model to me and allowed me to connect with and remain connected with my LGBTQ+ and Titan identities and community. I wanted to help give back to and grow that legacy and to otherwise support an institution that fostered my intellectual liberation.
AABD Position:
Pride Alumni Community Co-Chair
Yolanda Juarez headshot

Yolanda Juarez ‘17

Chicago, IL
Bilingual Early Childhood Teacher with Chicago Public Schools
IWU Major:
IWU Activities:
SALSA, ODI Volunteer and Student Worker, Presidential Selection Committee, Gates Apartment Manager
What advice would you give to fellow alumni?
Reevaluate your passions on a regular basis. Read to continue learning. 
Why are you an active alum?
I felt a strong connection to the University and wanted to be a connection for others who wanted the same experience after graduation.
AABD Position: 
Young Alumni Council Chair
Shannon O’Rourke Kasali ‘07 headshot

Shannon O'Rourke Kasali

Rockford, MI
Adult Services Librarian at Kent District Library
IWU Major: Political Science and International Studies
IWU Activities: Class Vice President, Student Senate Executive Board, Residential Life Staff (I-House RA), Ambassador Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Study Abroad (Switzerland)
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? "Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good." Minor Myers Jr.
Why are you an active alum? I wanted to both network with other IWU women alumni and support students.
AABD Position: Council for Women Chair
Ed Pacchetti headshot

Ed Pacchetti ‘91

New York City, NY
Director of Customer Analytics with U.S. Department of Education 
IWU Major:
IWU Activities:
Student Senate, Acacia
What advice would you give to fellow alumni?
Get involved and support IWU. Help provide the same opportunities you had to somebody else!
AABD Position:
Alumni Academic Resource Council Chair
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Teddy Petrova ‘10

Chicago, IL
Global Associate Director at McKinsey and Company
IWU Major:
Business Administration and Economics (Minor in Russian)
IWU Activities:
Student Senate
AABD Position:
International Alumni Network Chair
Amy Tenhouse headshot

Amy Tenhouse ‘97

Arlington, VA
Vice President of Federal Affairs at Molina Healthcare
IWU Major:
Political Science and History
IWU Activities:
Volleyball, Student Senate
What advice would you give to fellow alumni?
It is important to stay connected, collaborate, and network with other alumni. Getting involved with Illinois Wesleyan in some capacity -- through an affinity group or committee – is a great way to do that! 
Why are you an active alum?
I want Illinois Wesleyan to continue to have the best and brightest students in attendance. Alums are great ambassadors for the University, and we need to utilize our time and talents to show potential students the great alumni network they will have at their disposal when they graduate from IWU.
AABD Position: 
Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee Chair


Claudia Brogan headshot

Claudia Brogan ‘77

Decatur, GA
Facilitation & Training Consultant in Public Health 
IWU Major: Theater Arts and English (Certification in Education)
IWU Activities: Egas, Religious Council, Hall Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Theater, Resident Assistant (Ferguson Hall)
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Having been a missing-in-action alum for several years, I came back to campus to meet with real-life current IWU students and have become so committed to helping them succeed on campus and later in their journeys. Explore the ways you might meet IWU students or take a few minutes to examine the students' stories in IWU publications: "meeting them" any way you can will refresh your interest in supporting the University. Get brave and reestablish connections with your academic program or your favorite on-campus affiliations: they are so glad to hear from alums and explore common ground with you.
AABD Position: Member-at-Large
Dave Darling headshot

Dave Darling ‘79

Tinley Park, IL
Attorney-at-Law at Stone & Johnson, Chtd. 
IWU Major: Political Science (Minor in Spanish)
IWU Activities: Cross Country and Track (Letterwinner), Intramural Basketball 
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Stay connected and stay involved. Give back to our beloved Alma Mater with your time, talent, and monetary support. 
Why are you an active alum? I love Illinois Wesleyan and all it has provided for me. I want to give back and ensure those going forward have the same love and connection to the University as I have.
AABD Position: Member-at-Large
Alan Leahigh headshot

Alan Leahigh ‘67

Geneva, IL
Chief Executive Officer at Cord Blood Association
IWU Major: Journalism and Political Science
IWU Activities: President of Acacia Fraternity
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Keep in touch with your college friends.
Why are you an active alum? I benefited greatly from my undergraduate years at IWU. Participating on the Alumni Association Board of Directors provides an opportunity to give back.
AABD Position: Member-at-Large
Beth Messina headshot

Beth Messina ‘81

Buffalo Grove, IL
Critical Care Staff Nurse at Northwest Community Healthcare 
IWU Major: Nursing
IWU Activities: Tennis, Alpha Tau Delta
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Reconnecting with IWU alumni and faculty can be so refreshing! 
Why are you an active alum? I especially enjoy encouraging prospective students to consider attending IWU’s School of Nursing, knowing I was well prepared for a fulfilling nursing career and knowing Wesleyan’s nursing program is well regarded in the nursing profession.
AABD Position: Member-at-Large
Brittany Powell headshot

Brittany Powell ‘10

Chicago, IL
Pretrial Court Liaison Supervisor with Cook County Adult Probation 
IWU Major: Sociology 
IWU Activities: Student Senate, Black Student Union, SAVVY, Track and Field
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Be active, be vocal, be involved. 
Why are you an active alum? IWU helped shape me during my formative years. I want to be a resource for the University as it once was for me.
AABD Position: Member-at-Large
Taylor Robinson heaadshot

Taylor Robinson ‘21

St. Louis, MO
Registered Nurse at Barnes Jewish Hospital
IWU Major: Nursing
IWU Activities: Student Senate, Financial Advisor Board, IWU Cheerleading, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Interfraternity Council, Turning Titan, Posse Foundation
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Be the alumni resource you wish you had as a student!
Why are you an active alum? I want to help unite the young alumni community with the current students. It can be so helpful to have guidance from individuals who were just in your shoes and can give you the most relevant advice.
AABD Position: Member-at-Large
John Thiel headshot

John Thiel ‘66

Sun City, AZ
Retired CPA
IWU Major: Business Administration
IWU Activities: Acacia
AABD Position: Member-at-Large
Kira Anne West headshot

Kira Anne West ‘86

Vienna, VA
Criminal Defense Attorney in Washington, D.C.
IWU Major: Social Science
IWU Activities: Collegiate Choir, Kappa Delta
What advice would you give to fellow alumni? Stay involved. It's so fun to be with fellow Titans.
Why are you an active alum? I want to stay involved.
AABD Position: Member-at-Large