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Travel Voucher

travel.voucher.logo IWU’s Travel Voucher Program reimburses students who have been admitted (or approved) to Illinois Wesleyan and are participating in an individual visit (or a university visit day) for up to half of their travel/ticket cost.


The Travel Voucher Program includes reimbursement for:

  • One half of an admitted student's airfare*

  • One half of an admitted student's train or bus ticket*

  • One half of mileage (following the IRS guidelines) if admitted student is traveling by car from outside the Bloomington Normal area*

*Limit a total of $300.00 

A typical individual visit to campus lasts approximately two hours and includes speaking with an admissions counselor and touring the campus. 

How It Works

  • You can register for a campus visit at You can also call the Admissions Office at 800-332-2498 to schedule your visit over the phone.

  • Once you have the day set, connect with your admissions counselor to request a travel voucher.

  • At the time of your visit, submit your receipt of travel (airfare, train fare, or bus fare, car rental receipt) and complete the voucher form with your IWU admissions counselor. 

  • You will be mailed a reimbursement check for up to half the cost of your ticket up to $300.

All visits begin at the Illinois Wesleyan University Admissions Office, located on the first floor of the Minor Myers Welcome Center. Our address is 1211 Park Street in Bloomington, Illinois.

Click to get directions to campus.