AP Correspondence Chart

AP Exam IWU General Education Category
Art, History of The Arts
Art, Studio: General Elective Credit Only
Art, Studio: Drawing Elective Credit Only
Biology Life Sciences Issues Course
Chemistry Physical Sciences Issues Course
Computer Science A Formal Reasoning
Computer Science AB Formal Reasoning
Economics - Micro Contemporary Social Institutions
Economics - Macro Contemporary Social Institutions
Environmental Science Life Science Issues
English Language and Composition Writing Intensive Flag*
English Literature and Composition Literature
French Language Second Language
French Literature Elective Credit Only
German Language Second Language
Government and Politics – U.S. Contemporary Social Institutions
Government and Politics – Comparative Contemporary Social Institutions
History, European Cultural and Historical Change
History, U.S. Cultural and Historical Change
History, World Elective Credit Only
Human Geography Elective Credit Only
Latin Literature Elective Credit Only
Latin Vergil Elective Credit Only
Math – Calculus AB Formal Reasoning
Math – Calculus BC Formal Reasoning
Music Theory Elective Credit Only
Physics B Physical Sciences Issues Course
Physics C – Mechanics Physical Sciences Issues Course
Physics C – E & M Physical Sciences Issues Course
Psychology Life Sciences Issues Course
Spanish Language Second Language
Spanish Literature Literature
Statistics Elective Credit Only

*In addition to the four General Education credits a student can earn for Advanced Placement exams, a student can earn a Writing Intensive Flag if his or her score is a 4 or 5 on the English Language and Composition Exam, the corresponding AP course was taken, and a grade of B or higher was received in the Gateway Colloquium course (IWU).