Admissions Criteria

AP Correspondence Chart

  • Students may earn a maximum of eight course units from a combination of credit by exam (such as AP or IB) and college courses (dual credit) taken while completing high school. A maximum of four of those eight course units can qualify for Shared Curriculum credit. Each successfully transferred AP score is equal to one unit. These limits do not apply to students who complete an Associate's Degree prior to graduating from high school.

  • In order to receive Shared Curriculum credit for Advanced Placement exams, the student must have successfully completed the courses associated with the exams and the score on the Advanced Placement exam must be a four or five.

  • Course electives for AP credit will show as 1TR (Transfer elective) on the IWU academic record. For example, AP ART History will be listed as ART 1TR for 1 unit. 
AP Exam Equivalent Course at IWU Shared Curriculum attribute earned
Art History ART elective,  1 unit AR
Art Studio 2D Design ART elective,  1 unit AR
Art Studio 3D Design ART elective,  1 unit AR
Art Studio Drawing ART elective,  1 unit AR
Biology BIOL elective,  1 unit none
Calculus AB MATH elective,  1 unit FR
Calculus BC MATH elective,  1 unit FR
Chemistry CHEM 201,  1 unit PSL
Chinese Language and Culture ML 201,  1 unit LA
Computer Science A CS elective,  1 unit FR
Computer Science Principles CS elective,  1 unit FR
Economics - Macroeconomics Elective,  1 unit CSI
Economics - Microeconomics Elective,  1 unit CSI
Economics - Micro plus Macro ECON 100,  2 units CSI
English Language and Composition ENGL elective,  1 unit W
English Literature and Composition Elective,  1 unit LIT
Environmental Science ENST 120,  1 unit LSI
French Language and Culture FREN 201,  1 unit LA
German Language and Culture ML 201,  1 unit LA
Government & Politics - US PSCI 101,  1 unit CSI, U
Government and Politics - Comparative PSCI 103,  1 unit CSI, G
History - European HIST elective,  1 unit CHC
History - US Elective,  1 unit none
History - World Elective,  1 unit none
Human Geography ENST elective,  1 unit none
Italian Language and Culture ITALIAN 201,  1 unit LA
Japanese Language and Culture JAPN 201,  1 unit LA
Latin LATIN 201,  1 unit LA
Music Theory MUS elective,  1 unit none
Physics 1: Algebra-Based PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Physics 2: Algebra-Based PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Physics C: Mechanics PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Psychology PSYC 100,  1 unit LSI
Research Elective,  1 unit none
Seminar Elective,  1 unit none
Spanish Language and Culture SPAN 201,  1 unit LA
Spanish Literature and Culture Elective,  1 unit LIT
Statistics ECON elective,  1 unit none