Admissions Criteria

AP Correspondence Chart

  • As of Fall 2023 Advanced Placement scores of 3, 4, and 5 will receive one course unit of elective credit.  
  • AP scores of 4 and 5 may also earn Shared Curriculum attributes or be equivalent to a 100-level or 200-level IWU course as shown in the chart below. No laboratory credit will be awarded.
  • Course electives for AP credit will show as 1TR (Transfer elective) on the IWU academic record. For example, AP ART History with a score of 4 or 5 will be listed as ART 1TR for 1 unit and earn the AR Shared Curriculum attribute. An AP Art History score of 3 will be listed as ELEC 1TR for 1 unit to indicate elective credit on the student’s IWU academic record.
  • In order to receive credit for AP exams, the student must have successfully completed the courses associated with the exams and the score on the AP exam must be a three or above.
  • To submit AP scores for credit, visit the College Board website and send your scores directly to Illinois Wesleyan, college code 1320.
AP Exam
(4 and 5 only)
Equivalent Course at IWU Shared Curriculum attribute earned
Art History ART elective,  1 unit AR
Art Studio 2D Design ART elective,  1 unit AR
Art Studio 3D Design ART elective,  1 unit AR
Art Studio Drawing ART elective,  1 unit AR
Biology BIOL elective,  1 unit none
Calculus AB MATH elective,  1 unit FR
Calculus BC MATH elective,  1 unit FR
Chemistry CHEM 201,  1 unit PSL
Chinese Language and Culture ML 201,  1 unit LA
Computer Science A CS elective,  1 unit FR
Computer Science Principles CS elective,  1 unit FR
Economics - Macroeconomics Elective,  1 unit CSI
Economics - Microeconomics Elective,  1 unit CSI
Economics - Micro plus Macro ECON 100,  2 units CSI
English Language and Composition ENGL elective,  1 unit W
English Literature and Composition Elective,  1 unit LIT
Environmental Science ENST 120,  1 unit LSI
French Language and Culture FREN 201,  1 unit LA
German Language and Culture ML 201,  1 unit LA
Government & Politics - US PSCI 101,  1 unit CSI, U
Government and Politics - Comparative PSCI 103,  1 unit CSI, G
History - European HIST elective,  1 unit CHC
History - US Elective,  1 unit none
History - World Elective,  1 unit none
Human Geography ENST elective,  1 unit none
Italian Language and Culture ITALIAN 201,  1 unit LA
Japanese Language and Culture JAPN 201,  1 unit LA
Latin LATIN 201,  1 unit LA
Music Theory MUS elective,  1 unit none
Physics 1: Algebra-Based PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Physics 2: Algebra-Based PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Physics C: Mechanics PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism PHYS elective,  1 unit PSI
Psychology PSYC 100,  1 unit LSI
Research Elective,  1 unit none
Seminar Elective,  1 unit none
Spanish Language and Culture SPAN 201,  1 unit LA
Spanish Literature and Culture Elective,  1 unit LIT
Statistics ECON elective,  1 unit none