Wait Lists

All wait listing is done through online registration. 

Students will wait list for the course during their assigned registration time or after. To wait list you must select from the drop down box associated with the closed course the option to wait list. When a seat becomes available in the course, the student at the top of the wait list will be notified by email to their IWU email address.

Please be advised you will have 24 hours from the start time listed in the email notification or midnight of the last day to add, whichever comes first, to accept and change your registration online. 

Once the student receives the wait list notification, they must login to their registration, click add/drop classes, click on the action drop down box associated with the wait listed course, select web registered or drop the course. This will then automatically change the status from wait listed to registered or dropped, whichever was chosen.

Some things to keep in mind when wait listing:

  • Once the notification has expired the system automatically moves to the next person on the wait list. If no action is taken during the allowed time, the student will have to wait list for the course again to attempt to get a spot in the course. If the student makes an error when trying to change from wait listed to registered and instead drops the course, they only have until the expiration time to get in touch with the Registrar’s Office to correct the issue. Therefore, when receiving notifications which require action when the Registrar’s Office is not open, please be mindful of the action being taken as there will not be a staff member available to correct an error.
  • Students must meet all academic requirements, such as prerequisites and restrictions on a course, in order to wait list for a course.
  • Wait lists will only be maintained to the end of the add period for a given term.
  • As a courtesy to other students, it is expected that students will drop themselves from the wait lists of any courses they no longer plan to take.

Please click here to download a copy of these instructions or watch the video.