Please download the form you need.

Complete the form, save it and email the form from your IWU email address to the appropriate party (department chair/instructor/etc.) for approval. If you are sending your form to resolve a registration error please include a screenshot of your error message.

They will then forward their approval to us.  Or they can reply back to the student, the student will forward the entire email thread to our office at

Registration/Course Credit Forms

Academic Overload Application 

(Use to overload up to one course unit)


 (Use to Audit a course - Not for Degree Credit)

Closed Class

(Use to enroll in a course that is at full enrollment)
  Course Approval form

College Credit Earned Prior to High School Graduation

(For students entering prior to Fall 2019. Use to count college credit taken in High School but NOT used to meet High School graduation requirements)
  Credit No Credit

Credit/No Credit

 (Use to count a course as pass/fail)
  Independent Study

Independent Study

(Use to register for an Independent Study)
  Internship Enrollment Form

2021 Internship Enrollment for Summer Credit

 (Use to enroll for Summer Internship Credit)
  Study Abroad Course Approval

 Study Abroad "Course Approval Form"

 (Use to pre-approve planned Study Abroad courses)
  Transfer of credit 

Transfer of Credit

  (Use to pre-approve planned Transfer courses)

Waiver Form for Registration

(Use to waive various requirements for courses)
Major/Minor/Advisor Forms
Major Minor Advisor Form

Change of Major/Minor/Advisor Form

(Use to change your major, minor, advisor or catalog year)

Declaration of Educational Goal and Pre-Professional Programs

(Use to declare or remove an educational goal such as Pre-Med, Pre-Engineering, etc)
  3-2 Participation form

3-2 Participation Form

(Use to declare participation in a 3-2 program with a partner institution (such as Engineering or Occupational Therapy)

Special Majors/Minors:

Application for Interdisciplinary Major/Minor

(Use to apply for an Interdisciplinary Major or Minor - must include courses from at least two departments, schools or programs)

Application for Special Contract Major or Minor

(Use to apply for a Special Contract Major or Minor)


Other Forms

Apostille for Diploma and/or Transcript

(Use to request Apostille for foreign verification of diplomas/transcripts)
Petition for Academic Exception

Petition for Academic Exception

(Use to request academic exception such as late adds/drops, overload without meeting GPA, attach Gen Ed to a course, etc)

Replacement Diploma

(Use to request replacement ONLY for lost/damaged diplomas)