*Please print the completed form and obtain the appropriate signature(s) before submitting to the registrar's office.

  • Academic Overload Application

    (Use to overload up to one course unit)
  •   Audit


     (Use to Audit a course - Not for Degree Credit)
  • Closed Class

    (Use to enroll in a course that is at full enrollment)
  •   Course Approval form

    College Credit Earned Prior to High School Graduation

    (Use to count college credit taken in High School but NOT used to meet High School graduation requirements)
  •   Credit No Credit

    Credit/No Credit

     (Use to count a course as pass/fail)
  •   Independent Study

    Independent Study

    (Use to register for an Independent Study)
  •   Internship Enrollment Form

    Internship Enrollment of Summer Credit

     (Use to enroll for Summer Internship Credit)
  •   Study Abroad Course Approval

     Study Abroad "Course Approval Form"

     (Use to pre-approve planned Study Abroad courses)
  •   Transfer of credit

     Transfer of Credit

     (Use to pre-approve planned transfer courses)
  • Waiver Form for Registration

    (Use to waive various requirements for courses)
  • Change of Major/Minor/Advisor Form

    (Use to change your major, minor, advisor or catalog year)
  • Declaration of Educational Goal and Pre-Professional Programs

    (Use to declare or remove an educational goal such as Pre-Med, Pre-Engineering, etc)
  •   3-2 Participation form

    3-2 Participation Form

    (Use to declare participation in a 3-2 program with a partner institution (such as Engineering or Occupational Therapy)

Special Majors/Minors:

  • Application for Interdisciplinary Major/Minor

    (Use to apply for an Interdisciplinary Major or Minor - must include courses from at least two departments, schools or programs)
  • Application for Special Contract Major or Minor

    (Use to apply for a Special Contract Major or Minor)


  • Apostille for Diploma and/or Transcript

    (Use to request Apostille for foreign verification of diplomas/transcripts)
  • Petition for Academic Exception

    (Use to request academic exception such as late adds/drops, overload without meeting GPA, attach Gen Ed to a course, etc)
  • Replacement Diploma

    (Use to request replacement ONLY for lost/damaged diplomas)