Credit / No Credit Option

When a student selects this option, the final grade in the course will be either Credit or No Credit. Instructors are not notified and regular grades are submitted to the Registrar, who converts them according to the uniform standard of Credit for grades of “C‐“ and above, and No Credit for grades of “D” or “F”.

In order to be eligible to take a course for Credit/No Credit, a student must have completed eight course units and must be in good standing (GPA of 2.0 or above). The Credit/No Credit option may be elected only by declaring this intention in the Office of the Registrar within the time specified (please see the Academic Calendar for specific dates). It may not be done on the web‐based registration system. The option may be dropped within the regular period for dropping courses.

No more than one Credit/No Credit course may be taken in a single term, and no more than six such courses may be taken by an individual student at Illinois Wesleyan. No course originally taken for a grade may be retaken for Credit/No Credit.

Only IWU elective courses, i.e., courses which are not used to satisfy general education, major or minor field requirements, may be taken under this designation. In the case of a course taken in a field in which a major or minor is later declared, it may be counted toward the major or minor if the appropriate department chair approves.

Typically, students may not elect to take coursework abroad on a Credit/No credit basis, regardless of the policies of their study abroad program and/or host university.

The Credit/No Credit option is not available to students during May Term.

When departments offer courses for Credit/No Credit only, the policies applying to the studentselected Credit/No Credit option do not apply.

Credit/No Credit form