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Registration Procedures

All currently enrolled students who expect to return to Illinois Wesleyan University for Fall 2024 semester must complete advance registration by April 10th.  If you are studying off-campus for Fall 2024 you must register for the appropriate OCS section.

The Schedule of Classes will be available by March 18th.  The link can be found in the Student menu under the Banner Self Service tab at  Please keep in mind, all classes are subject to cancellation, change of meeting time, and/or instructor, and/or instructional mode.  Changes will be updated to the Web registration system.  Students may wish to check that regularly for any such changes.



Step I: Check your Degree Audit

Before meeting with your advisor, check your degree audit through to see what courses you need to complete for your general education or major requirements.  Draw up a proposed schedule and bring it with you to your appointment.  Make sure you are covering unmet needs in your degree program and that the class times of the courses you wish to take are not in conflict.  View these instructions to learn how to generate and read your degree evaluation.

Step II: Meet with your academic advisor

Do not wait until the last days to begin the registration process. Your advisor’s unavailability on one day, even though that day may be the last day for advance registration, is not sufficient reason to waive that requirement. Please make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor between March 20th and March 29th. You must obtain a registration PIN from your advisor – you will not be able to register until you do. The Registrar’s Office cannot give you your PIN.

Step III: Register for classes

You must enter your class selections via the IWU registration web site. You may use any computer connected to the internet. The registration web site can be accessed through

Beginning March 18th, you may check your registration day and time on the web site. This can be found on the Banner Self Service tab under Student menu and then Registration.

It is your responsibility to complete the registration process and to inform your advisor of any changes not discussed during your advising appointment.

If you experience difficulty with registering on the web you may come to the Registrar’s Office for assistance. However, your registration can only be processed after the beginning of your assigned registration time.

Wait List Procedures

Add or Drop Classes

You may complete your registration, and add or drop classes, at any time after the start of your assigned registration time.  Fall 2024 classes may be added up through August 30th.  Classes may be dropped up to November 1st.  Classes dropped on or before  August 30th will not appear on your transcript.  Those dropped August 31st through November 1st will appear on your transcript as W (withdrawn).

Courses requiring consent or permission

Courses that list ‘consent or permission of instructor or department chair’ must be pre-approved. Obtain written permission from the appropriate faculty member and bring it to the Registrar’s Office before Web registration.

Prerequisite Override

Prerequisite override can be obtained from the Department chair of the course you are trying to register for. If you have previously obtained a prerequisite override or course substitution for a particular course and need this prerequisite override again, please come to the Registrar's Office to verify we have the copy on file before your scheduled time to register. This is especially important for any student that has taken transfer work. If you have taken transfer courses that previously waived a prerequisite and the same course is required for another course, please contact our office BEFORE registration with the course(s) you would like to take that require that same prerequisite so that we can pull your previous override and make the appropriate registration waiver. You will not be able to register for a course with a prerequisite if you have not taken the exact course/equivalent unless you have obtained the prerequisite waiver previously or are obtaining it now with the override form. 

Time Conflict Override

Time Conflict Override forms can be obtained here: Forms (

Click Registration/Course Credit Forms
Scroll down to Waiver form for Registration

You must obtain the signature of the instructor of the course that will be overriding the time conflict, i.e. the course that will be allowing you to arrive late to class.

Cr/NCr (pass/fail)

To elect this grading option you must come into the Registrar’s Office and complete the proper form to declare one course CR/NCr prior to the end of the first week of classes.

  • First year students may not take any course Cr/NCr.
  • Major, minor and general education courses CANNOT be taken Cr/NCr.
  • May Term classes CANNOT be taken Cr/NCr.
  • Limited to one course per term and six courses total.


To elect to take a course as an audit one must have the instructor’s permission and complete the audit form in the Registrar’s Office prior to the start of the term.


Advance approval may be granted by filling out the overloads form in the Registrar’s Office. First year students may not overload.

Financial Aid Guidelines

Your financial aid may be affected if you do not enroll in 4 courses.  For additional information regarding enrollment requirements for financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 309-556-3096.

Off-Campus Study

Students who intend to enroll in one of these programs should see the Study Abroad Office for the necessary forms and advice on the procedures for the various study abroad programs.