Alumni News

  • Williams '10 Wins <em>Ulysses</em> International Art Competition

    Williams '10 Wins Ulysses International Art Competition

    Travis Williams '10 received international recognition from the Modernist Versions Project for a drawing that reconstructs Joyce's Ulysses as it corresponds to organs of the human body.

  • Gonzalez '08 Works Graphic Magic

    Gonzalez '08 Works Graphic Magic

    Maria Gonzalez '08 draws attention as a top-shelf illustrator and art director, including award-winning designs inspired by her mother's home in Mexico.

  • <em>How We Die</em> Subject of Alumna's Book

    How We Die Subject of Alumna's Book

    In her book, How We Die Now: Intimacy and the Work of Dying Karla Erickson '95 examines how social rituals have not kept pace with longer lives and slower deaths.

  • Mullangi '97 Aims to Connect Alumni

    Mullangi '97 Aims to Connect Alumni

    New Alumni Association President Sundeep Mullangi '97 believes that IWU alumni love their alma mater but don't always know how to stay involved -- or that they're even needed. He wants to change that.

  • Hong '97 Merges <em>Breaking Bad, Ozymandias</em>

    Hong '97 Merges Breaking Bad, Ozymandias

    Sung Jin Hong '97 is developing a mini-opera that will integrate Percy Bysshe Shelley's sonnet Ozymandias with the award-winning crime drama Breaking Bad.

  • Alumni Recognized by Sigma Alpha Iota

    Alumni Recognized by Sigma Alpha Iota

    Three alumni and members of Sigma Alpha Iota music fraternity -- Christina Hoblin '13, Margaret Fox '04, and Martha Dodds Stoner '69 -- received awards from the national fraternity.