Heartland Community College and Illinois Wesleyan Announce Guaranteed Admissions Agreement

March 18, 2021

NORMAL, Ill. — Heartland Community College (HCC) and Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) have adopted a Guaranteed Admissions Agreement that will provide an easy transition for students transferring from one institution to the other.

“We know that the majority of community college students begin their studies with the intention of completing a four-year degree,” Illinois Wesleyan University President S. Georgia Nugent said. “To the extent that Illinois Wesleyan can become a transfer destination, HCC, IWU, and our community all benefit.”

The admissions agreement allows a variety of students with diverse interests to continue their education at IWU, with HCC’s Associate in Arts and Science degree encompassing over 30 subjects spanning the humanities, sciences, topics in business, and more.

“Strong partnerships are key to the mission of serving our community,” said Heartland Community College President Keith Cornille. “Working with IWU and others helps offer a strong four-year plan for students within our community to have the option to both start and stay here. The community as a whole, including employers, reap the benefits when we are all able to retain and graduate our students.”

Heartland Community College students are guaranteed admission to Illinois Wesleyan University under the following criteria:

  1. IWU will guarantee the acceptance of all transferable credits earned from the HCC transfer-oriented degree program and no distinction will be made by IWU between the completion of these courses and those offered at Illinois Wesleyan University.
  2. Students may have to take additional prerequisite course requirements specific to certain majors.
  3. Students who complete the HCC transfer-oriented degree program with a 3.0 grade point average or higher on a 4.0 scale and submit an official transcript from HCC are eligible for guaranteed admission.”

“Any time we can provide easy transfer options for our students it is a benefit,” said Lindsay Eickhorst, Dean of Enrollment Services at HCC. “Now our Associate in Arts and Associate in Sciences degrees will transfer to IWU seamlessly. With the specific transfer plans for each IWU major, students who start at Heartland can also be sure that within their Associate’s degree they are taking classes that will keep them on track for timely graduation once they reach IWU.”

Illinois Wesleyan Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing LeAnn Hughes added, “We are excited to partner with HCC to streamline the transfer experience. And, as Hawks become Titans, we will continue working with them — as we do with all of our students — to ensure an on-time graduation plan from Illinois Wesleyan.

Learn more at IWU.edu/heartland.