McLean County Scholarship Annual Guarantee Increases to $30,000

Dec. 3, 2019

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. –– McLean County high school graduates admitted to Illinois Wesleyan University are now guaranteed a total scholarship package of at least $30,000 per year as recipients of the McLean County Scholarship Guarantee.

The Illinois Wesleyan Associates –– a group of local community and business leaders and IWU alumni –– have raised more than $1.1 million over the past two years to support the McLean County Scholarship, enabling the annual award to increase by $3,000, from $27,000 to $30,000 for incoming students.

Over the course of four years, incoming McLean County Scholarship recipients will receive no less than $120,000 in aid, up from $108,000. Depending on the academic status of the student, it is likely they could be eligible for even more scholarship monies.

“Ongoing fundraising efforts by the Illinois Wesleyan Associates for the McLean County Scholarship demonstrate how much our local alumni and friends understand and value the education that Illinois Wesleyan provides,” President Georgia Nugent said. “It is fitting that our community leaders of today are helping make it possible for the leaders of tomorrow to attend and flourish at Illinois Wesleyan.”

Established in 2018, the McLean County Scholarship represents an institutional commitment to recruit and retain McLean County’s top students. In 2019, 42 incoming McLean County students enrolled at Illinois Wesleyan, a 56% increase from 27 McLean County students in 2017.

Assistant Vice President for Advancement Carlo Robustelli said, “I am extremely pleased, though not at all surprised, that the leaders of this community have invested so generously in our local students. Illinois Wesleyan is fortunate to be located in such a supportive place with such impressive students, and we hope to do our part by providing McLean County students with ladders of opportunity and a transformative experience right in their backyards.”

Students who are residents of McLean County graduating from a McLean County high school in 2020 are eligible for the scholarship with their official Illinois Wesleyan University application. No additional application is necessary. Prospective students must be admitted (without restrictions) and live in on-campus housing to be eligible for the scholarship. Transfer students who attended a McLean County high school are also eligible for the McLean County Scholarship. More information can be found at:

A group of leaders committed to local education, the Illinois Wesleyan Associates launched a  four-year campaign, beginning in 2018, which sets out to raise $2 million ($500,000 per year) for the McLean County Scholarship Fund.

The group was formed in 1953 by Adlai Rust, former president and chairman of State Farm Insurance Company, in order to strengthen the ties between the McLean County community and Illinois Wesleyan faculty, staff and students. More information about the Illinois Wesleyan Associates can be found at

Students eligible for the McLean County Scholarship Guarantee are those who:

  • Have been admitted to Illinois Wesleyan University (without restrictions)
  • Are residents of McLean County
  • Are seniors graduating from the following high schools:
    Bloomington, Bloomington Central Catholic, Calvary Christian, Cornerstone Christian, Heyworth, LeRoy, Lexington, Normal Community, Normal West, Olympia, Ridgeview, Tri-Valley, University High (McLean County homeschool students are also eligible for consideration for this scholarship)
  • Live in on-campus housing while an IWU student (includes residence halls, sorority or fraternity housing, or a University owned apartment)
  • Transfer students who attended a McLean County high school are also eligible for the McLean County Scholarship

By John Twork