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McLean County Scholarship Guarantee

The Illinois Wesleyan Associates, a group of local community, business leaders and IWU alumni have established the McLean County Scholarship fund. High school students in the graduating class of 2024 who are residents of McLean County* and an accepted student at Illinois Wesleyan University will be offered a total scholarship package (including the McLean County Scholarship and other IWU scholarships) of at least $34,000 per year. Depending on the academic status of the student, it is likely they could be eligible for even more scholarship monies. This award is renewable for a total of four years. 

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To apply for this scholarship, meet the eligibility requirements and simply apply to Illinois Wesleyan now!



Students eligible for the McLean County Scholarship Guarantee are those who:

  • Have been admitted to Illinois Wesleyan University (without restrictions)
  • Are residents of McLean County
  • Are seniors graduating from the following high schools: *Bloomington, Bloomington Central Catholic, Calvary Christian, Cornerstone Christian, Heyworth, LeRoy, Lexington, Normal Community, Normal West, Olympia, Ridgeview, Tri-Valley, University High (McLean County homeschool students are also eligible for consideration for this scholarship.)
  • Live in on-campus housing while an IWU student (includes residence halls, sorority or fraternity housing, or a University owned apartment)
  • Transfer students who attended a McLean County high school are also eligible for the McLean County Scholarship. 


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the McLean County Scholarship

How do I apply for this scholarship?

You only need to apply for admission at Illinois Wesleyan. Once you have been accepted for admission, you automatically qualify for the McLean County scholarship. There is no further application paperwork required.

What if I graduated from one of the McLean County high schools a few years ago? Can I still apply?

Qualification for this scholarship is based primarily toward the class of 2024. Current transfer students will be considered. Graduates from the McLean County high schools listed on this page who plan to transfer to Illinois Wesleyan should contact the Financial Aid office directly (309-556-3096) to request consideration.

What does “without restriction” mean in the qualifications for the scholarship?

You qualify for this scholarship if you have been admitted to Illinois Wesleyan University and have not been specifically told that you have academic restrictions upon your acceptance. Rarely, a student is admitted on the condition that they take only three units during their first semester instead of the typical four units in order to acclimate to college level work.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Please contact the Illinois Wesleyan Financial Aid Office at or (309) 556-3096 and our staff will be happy to answer your questions.


These unique scholarships have been established by the Illinois Wesleyan Associates, a group of community, business leaders, and alumni from McLean County who have chosen to invest in your future and in the community. They believe strongly in what Illinois Wesleyan has to offer. They are excited and hopeful their financial commitment will help you decide to purse your education at Illinois Wesleyan.


Kendall Sosa "I chose Illinois Wesleyan because family is very important in my life. I play basketball here at IWU and knew it would be awesome if they could come to all of the home games. Also, I knew I would have a whole community supporting me if I came here as well. The campus was also a big positive in my decision making. The smaller campus was appealing but it is accompanied by a large campus vibe with ISU being so close. For that reason, staying in town was never a negative. Academically, IWU was a great fit as well. Overall, IWU was a great decision."

Kendall Sosa, '21
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Bloomington, IL

Scott Seibring - Director of Financial Aid

Department - Financial Aid