Shallue Honored for Best Talk at Recent Conference

Andrew Shallue

Jan. 19, 2017 

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois Wesleyan University Associate Professor of Mathematics Andrew Shallue was awarded the Dick Lehman Award for “Best Talk” at the recent West Coast Number Theory conference.

Shallue’s talk was entitled “Average liar counts for degree 2 Frobenius pseudoprimes” and reflects joint research with Andrew Fiori of the University of Calgary.

Shallue said the security of web interactions, such as online purchases, depends on systems that use large prime numbers. “Some methods for finding large prime numbers have a small possibility of making mistakes,” Shallue said. “We call these special numbers pseudoprimes, and I am interested in finding out as much as I can about pseudoprimes.” 

He said the research is a result of a trip to the University of Calgary during his sabbatical in fall 2015 and also through support from an IWU Artistic and Scholarly Development grant in 2014-15.

“I very much appreciate the support of the University in general, and the Provost’s Office in particular,” said Shallue.

He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and joined the faculty at Illinois Wesleyan in 2009.