Illinois Wesleyan Celebrates Retirees, Employee Anniversaries

Eric and Debra
President Eric Jensen adjusted for his height by kneeling to present a 30-year plaque to Debra Adams, director of Arnold Health Services.

April 27, 2016  

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois Wesleyan University honored retirees and employees celebrating milestone anniversaries April 26 at its annual recognition celebration. See a slide show of honorees (viewable on campus only).



Durward Cawley, Physical Plant

Kelly Gorman, Physical Plant

Sherry McClarty, Office of Advancement

Georganne Rundblad, Sociology and Anthropology Department

Susan Swanlund, School of Nursing  


Milestone Anniversaries

35 Years

Chuck Adam, Security Department

Randy Crow, Physical Plant

Eric Nelson, Physical Plant

Tim Rettich, Chemistry Department


30 Years

Debra Adams, Arnold Health Services

Mark Albright, Physical Plant

Jan Alvis, Admissions Office

Melvyn Jeter, Mathematics Department

Dennis Martel, Physical Education Department

Jim Matthews, Department of French and Italian Languages and Literatures

Kathleen O’Gorman, English Department

Jerry Olson, Accounting and Finance Department



25 Years

Wes Chapman, English Department

Carl Gillis, Physical Plant

Tian-Xiao He, Mathematics Department

Narendra Jaggi, Physics Department

Curtis Kelch, Information Technology Services

Mary Leach, Office of Advancement

Carole Myscofski, Religion Department

Alison Sainsbury, English Department

Steve Seibring, Office of Advancement

David Vayo, School of Music


20 Years

Susie Balser, Biology Department

Dave Bollivar, Biology Department

Irv Epstein, Educational Studies Department

Scott Ferguson, School of Music

Tom Lutze, History Department


Paul McNamara, Publications, Printing & Mailing Services

Ram Mohan, Chemistry Department

Kim Nelson-Brown, Physical Education Department

Pat Neustel, Office of the Associate Provost

Stacey Shimizu, International Office

Gabe Spalding, Physics Department

Cathy Spitz, Human Resources Office

Chuck Springwood, Sociology and Anthropology Department



15 Years

Dave Barrett, Physical Education Department

Nancy Current, Business Office

Lynda Duke, The Ames Library

Paul Menendez, Physical Plant

Weldon Moldenhauer, Physical Plant

Susan Savage, Business Office

Brian Sheehan, Registrar’s Office

Amy Sutter, The Ames Library

Steve Sylvester, Physical Plant

Linda Tuttle, Business Office

Cesar Valverde, Hispanic Studies Department

Julie Wood, The Ames Library



10 Years

Laurine Brown, Environmental Studies Department

Londa Dunlap, Human Resources Office

Bob Erlewine, Religion Department

Deborah Halperin, Action Research Center

Matt Kurz, Office of Communications

Brenda Lessen, School of Nursing

Ron Rose, Physical Education Department

Jeremy Spencer, Wellness Program

Troy Steidinger, Physical Plant

Kyria Van Hoveln, Business Administration Department

Brian Walter, Biology Department


5 Years

Karla Carney-Hall, Office of the Dean of Students

Jennifer Crider, Educational Studies Department

Vincent Davidson, Physical Plant

Ann Eckhardt, School of Nursing

Mike Flanigan, Bookstore

Kenton Frost, Physical Plant

Michael Gorman, Information Technology Services

Jonathan Green, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculty

Justin Harner, Physical Plant

Vicky Johnson, Admissions Office

Emily Kelahan, Philosophy Department

Paul Lawton, Physical Plant

Kara Mehrkens, Office of Advancement

Cristen Monson, Admissions Office

Elyse Nelson Winger, University Chaplain’s Office

Manori Perera, Chemistry Department

Tim Pitchford, School of Music

Joe Plazak, School of Music

Abby Reel, Career Center

Nancy Rinda, Business Office

Jennifer Ross Barnett, Arnold Health Services

Travis Rundle, Physical Education Department

Colin Stewart, Student Activities Office

Mandy Vicary, Psychology Department

David Wallace, Business Administration Department

Monica Wong, Financial Aid Office

Adam Woodis, German, Russian and Asian Languages