Illinois Wesleyan Students To Study at Oxford University

April 8, 2016

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. -- Seven Illinois Wesleyan students have been accepted to study at Oxford University for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Five students will study at Pembroke College, Oxford University, through the highly selective Pembroke Visiting Student Programme. The five include Zoe Bouras ’18 (Aurora, Ill.), an International Studies and political science major, and Jia “Muyi” Yang ’18 (Wuhan, China), International Studies, in the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics program. David Shacklette ’18 (Des Plaines, Ill.), a music and philosophy double major, is part of the Philosophy and Psychology program; Qiying “Selena” Shen ’18 (Qingyuan, China), an International Studies and history double major, has been accepted into the Politics program; and Ke “Coco” Zhang ’18 (Shanghai City, China), a financial services major, will study in the Economics program.

In addition, Guo “Timur’’ Chen ’18 (Guangzhou City, China), a biology and psychology major, will study at St. Anne’s College, and Wenting “Suki” Zhao ’18, a math and computer science major, will attend Worcester College, both of which are constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. Both students applied for study at Oxford through IFSA-Butler, an IWU study abroad affiliate.

To have seven students studying at Oxford in the same academic year is unusual, according to Stacey Shimizu, director of the International Office.

Students attending through the Pembroke Program are fully integrated into the Oxford lifestyle, living and eating on the campus, participating in clubs and societies, and wearing the traditional gowns. Shacklette said he has been working toward the opportunity of attending Oxford since visiting the campus in 2013. ‘During my short time there, I fell in love with the beauty and the culture of Oxford and I made it my goal to one day be able to walk the campus as a student.” In addition to furthering his education through Oxford’s individualized learning experience, Shacklette is looking forward to meeting new people and being a part of its diverse community.

Pembroke accepts 40 visiting students annually from only 13 U.S. colleges and universities, including Cornell, Duke and Bryn Mawr along with Illinois Wesleyan. Students participating experience the traditional English tutorial system in which students meet in tutorial sessions focused on independent study and writing.

By Emily Phelps ’19