Shakespeare's Classic Hamlet at Jerome Mirza Theatre

posterFeb. 5, 2016

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – William Shakespeare’s classic play, Hamlet, will be presented Feb. 23-28 in the Jerome Mirza Theatre in McPherson Hall at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Among the most powerful and influential tragedies in English literature, Hamlet takes on timeless themes of revenge, madness, deceit and the mortality of man. IWU’s production is directed by Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theatre Chris Connelly.

He said the cast and crew are approaching the timeless classic not as family or personal psychological tragedy, but as national tragedy. "The play is a labyrinth Hamlet wanders in to avoid actually having to accept his responsibility not only for his murdered father and his own weakness of inaction, but also for the increasing obligation to his country," said Connelly. "Ultimately, he and the audience are forced to examine the consequences of a failure to act, of knowing too much and doing too little." 

The cast includes Steven Czajkowski ’ 16 (Hamlet) Bucky Emmerling II ’16 (Claudius), Nick Giambrone ’16 (Polonius), Alexa Eldridge ’16 (Gertrude), Eli Miller ’17 (Horatio), Maggie Patchett ’16 (Ophelia), Danny Adams ’17 (Laertes), Carlos Medina ’16 (Guildenstern) and Megan Sperger ’18 (Rosencrantz). Additional cast members include Forrest Loeffler ’16, Dean Carlson ’17, Evan Rumler ’17, Alec Sutton ’16, Anna Sciaccotta ’16, Yuka Sekine ’17, Cathy Colburn ’16, Tuxford Turner ’19 and Will Mueller ’19. Tess Wisher ’17 serves as an assistant director, Suni Holmlund ’17 is the show’s stage manager, and Olivia Sarkis ’19 and Anne Warnke ’19 serve as assistant stage managers. 

Tickets are $12 for Friday and Saturday 8 p.m. performances and $10 for all others, and available by contacting the box office at (309) 556-3232 or online. Wednesday's performance is free. Hamlet is a production of Illinois Wesleyan University’s School of Theatre Arts

By Emily Phelps ’19