Students Discovering Their Passions Through New Entrepreneurship Program

Many students entering Illinois Wesleyan University are excited to discover their passions through the University’s new Design, Technology and Entrepreneurship (DTE) program. 

The interdisciplinary program incorporates creative and technical skills, material science, and finance and management.  It is designed to help students not only come up with great ideas for a product, a service or even a nonprofit, but to guide them in taking the necessary steps to actually implement their ideas.

One student who has been admitted said this: “Illinois Wesleyan has a [DTE] program that is very difficult to find at other universities. This major will provide me with all the necessary mechanical drafting, technology and entrepreneurial skills I need to succeed in today’s design industry.”

Another student has big plans, noting: “I see myself creating a life-changing innovation that paves a new way for development and growth in this world. I believe that with the DTE program at Illinois Wesleyan University I will be equipped with the knowledge, connections and invaluable experiences to embrace challenges and create tangible impact wherever I go.”

Pursue your passions at Illinois Wesleyan, whether in the DTE program or something else you have yet to discover. Take the next step and accept your offer of admission to the IWU Class of 2020.