Triplets’ Personal Journeys Reflect Illinois Wesleyan Experience

Don, Matt and Meagan DeSalvo in 2011.
Don, Matt and Meagan DeSalvo in 2015.

May 4, 2015

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— In the fall of 2011, triplets Don, Matt and Meagan DeSalvo (Darien, Illinois) began their college journeys together at Illinois Wesleyan. Four years later, they have graduated and are preparing to go their separate ways for the first time.

Attending the same college happened by coincidence. Meagan chose Illinois Wesleyan first; over time, Don and Matt decided Illinois Wesleyan’s individualized attention and small size would provide a quality education.

That turned out to be the case, although their academic paths changed from their original ideas. Meagan planned to major in biology with a pre-medicine concentration; she now plans to teach as an elementary education major. Don intended to major in economics; he’ll now pursue social science teaching positions using his majors in history and secondary education. Matt planned to major in psychology with a pre-physical therapy concentration. He majored in sociology at IWU and plans to pursue a graduate degree in criminal justice to become a problem-solving courts coordinator.

Although all three ran for IWU’s cross country teams and often attended the same social functions and events, “college has been a time to become more accustomed to that independence from each other,” said Don.

“Being at IWU has been a very personal journey,” added Matt.

The three are ready for the next steps in that journey. “We are excited for this new stage in our lives even though it won’t necessarily be in close proximity to each other,” said Meagan. “

“I still call my brother and sister my friends after all these years,” said Don. “College has at times tested this, and at other times improved it.

“I think we are all prepared to move on [to our next steps],” Don added. “Family parties and gatherings will be a little more exciting I can imagine, as we will be able to come back together and share all of the stories and experiences we will be gathering.”