Student and Entrepreneur LaVitola ’17 Develops Clothing Line

Adam LaVitola '17

As seniors in high school, Adam LaVitola ’17 and his friend Sean McCauley started an online business reselling classic athletic jerseys they found on eBay. The business evolved into Seam Street, a prep clothing line offering pocket tees, polo shirts and other items. Some of his contributions to the business including managing the company’s social media accounts (over 7,000 fans on Instagram and 3,700 Twitter followers) and maintaining the company’s website.

LaVitola designed a logo that featured a turtle named Streeter, a representation of the brand’s slow, “go easy” lifestyle but also a visual reminder of a greater cause. Fifteen percent of the Seam Street’s profits area donated to the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation headquartered in Florida.

Instagram picAs LaVitola has progressed through his coursework as a business and computer science double major at Illinois Wesleyan, he’s found his business courses have helped him mature as a business leader.

“Our decision process before was 1) get an idea, 2) agree on it, 3) act on it,” LaVitola said of discussions with co-owner McCauley. “Through site visits to local businesses, guest speakers coming to campus and traditional coursework, I have been able to learn different business tactics from real companies.”

In addition, LaVitola said the general knowledge stemming from Illinois Wesleyan’s liberal arts curriculum has informed his knowledge and capabilities on a variety of subjects. “It’s always helpful to have knowledge outside my major for conversations as I meet new people in the professional world,” he said.

In a recent media interview, LaVitola said he hopes the business will be running smoothly by the time he graduates. “Our goal is to become a brand people recognize and trust.”