Illinois Wesleyan Celebrates Retirees, Employee Anniversaries

Eric Gordon celebrates 20 years of service to IWU taking a selfie with President Richard F. Wilson. 

April 7, 2015

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois Wesleyan University honored retirees and employees celebrating milestone anniversaries at its 24th annual recognition banquet held earlier this month. See a slide show of honorees


  • Miles Bair, School of Art
  • Dennie Bridges, Physical Education Department
  • William Carney, University Bookstore
  • Marc Featherly, Office of Communications
  • Celeste Flachsbart, Office of Advancement
  • Bob Hippensteele, Biology Department
  • Rita Kaiser, The Ames Library
  • Carren Moham, School of Music

Milestone Anniversaries

45 Years

  • Dave Shiers, Physical Plant
  • Michael Young, History Department

 40 Years

  • Sandi Myers, Office of Residential Life
  • Debbie Smyth, Admissions Office


 35 Years

  • Mary Ann Bushman, English Department
  • Bob Delvin, The Ames Library

30 Years

  • Robert Frank, Physical Plant
  • Lawney Gruen, Physical Plant
  • Jay Langhoff, Physical Plant
  • Scott Seibring, Financial Aid Office

25 Years

  • Teodora Amoloza, Sociology and Anthropology Department
  • David Gentry, Security Department
  • Jean MacFarland Kerr, School of Theatre Arts
  • Tim McMullen, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services
  • Mauricio Parra, Hispanic Studies Department
  • Curtis Trout, School of Theatre Arts
  • William Walsh, Business Administration Department

20 Years

  • Frank Boyd, Office of the Associate Provost
  • Jerel Braun, Physical Plant
  • Durward Cawley, Physical Plant
  • Zahia Drici, Mathematics Department
  • Teresa Fish, Physical Education Department
  • Eric Gordon, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services
  • Warren Kistner, Career Center
  • Linda Kunce, Psychology Department           
  • Robin Leavitt, Educational Studies Department          
  • Gloria Redinger, The Ames Library
  • Ron Roth, Physical Plant
  • Ron Rousey, Physical Plant
  • Gerry Schroeder, Physical Plant
  • Daniel Terkla, English Department

15 Years

  • Scott Campbell, Physical Plant
  • Will Jaeckle, Biology Department
  • Chris Kawakita, Admissions Office
  • Rick Lindquist, Information Technology Services
  • Kevin Long, Bookstore
  • Diego Mendez-Carbajo, Economics Department
  • William Munro, Political Science Department
  • Jeanne Oost, School of Theatre Arts
  • Crystal Post, Admissions Office
  • Pat Rosenbaum, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Kelly Scheffert, Financial Aid Office
  • Thad Sutter, Bookstore
  • Pat Zehr, Information Technology Services

10 Years

  • John Bryant, Business Office
  • Greg Huffaker, Physical Education Department
  • Kimberly Logston, Physical Plant
  • Van Miller, Office of Advancement
  • Annorah Moorman, Counseling and Consultation Services
  • Jair Patino, Physical Plant
  • Thomas Quinn, School of Theatre Arts
  • Tony Robbins, Physical Education Department
  • Martin Smith, Office of Advancement


5 Years

  • Leslie Betz, Office of the Registrar
  • Martha Bosquez, Physical Plant
  • Noel Kerr, School of Nursing
  • Min-hyung Kim, Political Science Department
  • Cindy Merideth, Physical Plant
  • Marie Nebel-Schwalm, Psychology Department
  • Adriane Powell, Alumni Relations
  • Katy Ritter, The Ames Library
  • Chandra Shipley, Academic Advising
  • Melanie Smith, Business Office
  • Amy Yeates, School of Nursing