Titan Community Service Improves Lives  

Sept. 11, 2015 

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.  – Titans gave 42,775 community engagement hours in the 2014-2015 academic year. That’s up nearly 29 percent over the previous year at Illinois Wesleyan, and if you put a dollar value on the hours, that’s more than $1 million worth of service to the community, based on the value of volunteer time as calculated by IndependentSector.org. Services ranged from tutoring and translating to swinging hammers and building porches, with the collective efforts improving lives, neighborhoods and services. Here is a look back at some of the community service projects and experiences from the past year:

Leo's Mural

Nearly 25 percent of service took place on the west side of Bloomington. A marquee project was this mural, designed by Leo Martinez ’15, at the West Bloomington Revitalization Project building. Titans did most of the painting as well.

Alternative Spring Break

Titans have participated in Alternative Spring Break for years, but the 2015 project at the Appalachia Service Project in eastern Kentucky was a first for IWU. Days of rain did not deter Joshua Yoo ’16 (left) and Timur Chen ’18 from shoveling gravel for a drainage ditch, just one of several projects the group completed.

Peace Garden

Local food pantries receive some of the produce grown in the IWU Peace Garden. Students volunteer to plant, weed and harvest the crops.


During the holiday season in 2014, students re-packaged nearly 1,000 pounds of rice for distribution through food pantries in central Illinois.

Jake Thaker

Jake Thaker ’17 illustrates why so many IWU students Give a Day for community service.

Metcalf Volunteering

Chinese students volunteered to help local middle schoolers practice their Mandarin-language skills. Other IWU students used their skills in Italian, English and Spanish during community volunteering experiences.