Campus Open With Delayed Start

Snowy CampusFeb. 5, 2014

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. -- Due to weather conditions, the campus will have a delayed start of 10 a.m. today (Wednesday, Feb. 5).

Campus dining services, however, will open for breakfast this morning as usual.

A wind chill advisory has been issued for tonight. 

Extreme cold is dangerous for any exposed skin. Frostbite can occur on unprotected skin in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. The risk of hypothermia is high if proper precautions are not taken. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, frostbite typically affects smaller, more exposed areas of the body, such as your fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin. Because of area numbness, you may not realize you have frostbite until someone else points it out. Signs and symptoms of frostbite include:

  • A slightly painful, prickly or itching sensation
  • Red, white, pale or grayish-yellow skin
  • Hard or waxy-looking skin
  • A cold or burning feeling
  • Numbness
  • Clumsiness due to joint and muscle stiffness
  • Blistering, in severe cases

Following are tips for commuting and walking on campus.

When traveling to and from campus make sure you have:

  • Plenty of gas, in case your commute takes longer than expected or you have a breakdown and need to run the engine to stay warm
  • A well charged cell phone or CB radio, in case you need roadside assistance
  • Clothing that will keep you protected in case of a breakdown, e.g. warm coat, boots, gloves, hat, scarf and a blanket or sleeping bag.
  • Do not leave carbonated beverages in your vehicle, where they might freeze and explode.

When walking on campus keep exposed skin to a minimum to avoid frostbite, by wearing:

  • A warm coat and dressing in layers for extra protection
  • A hat and scarf to cover your ears and nose
  • Mittens or gloves
  • Warm socks and water resistant boots or shoes