Music by Bregman '14 Selected for Documentary

Dec. 15, 2014

Katie Bregman '14

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Katie Bregman’s twin passions are music and social justice. Her contribution to a new documentary on youth with incarcerated parents combines both of those interests.

Music composed by Bregman (Evanston, Ill.), who has just completed her coursework at Illinois Wesleyan University, has been selected for the next film in the documentary series Echoes of Incarceration . Bregman’s music is also featured in the trailer for the film.

Bregman sold her composition through the online sound marketplace The website allows clients ranging from independent filmmakers to companies such as Disney and Burger King to post projects for which they are seeking original music. Composers like Bregman can create custom music for projects, or sell work they’ve previously written.

The work Bregman sold for Echoes is entitled “My Tamborine.” She said she originally wrote it her first year at Illinois Wesleyan and sought the input of Fern Rosetta Sherff Professor of Composition David Vayo. Although not a music major, Bregman studied composition with Vayo, who called her “a very gifted singer/songwriter.”

Bregman said she revisited her first-year work, re-recording the vocals, using filters and other tweaks before uploading it to She was excited to sell her work, but doubly thrilled it was selected for the Echoes film after she researched the documentary project.

Echoes of Incarceration is an award-winning series of documentaries produced by youth with incarcerated parents. The project is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based filmmaker Jeremy Robins and a group of nonprofit organizations and advocates around the country. The most recently completed film was screened at the White House in October 2014.

A sociology major, Bregman hopes for a career that weaves her passions for music and social justice.

“With all the ongoing discussion about Ferguson and other situations like that, this opportunity to have my music in a documentary about mass incarceration couldn’t have come at a better time,” she said.