Google Glass Inspires University Projects

May 15, 2014           

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois Wesleyan University’s Council on Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETAL) has selected 14 individuals to participate in the Google Glass Explorer Program. The initiative promotes Google Glass, a smart headset that displays information on the lenses of eyewear in response to voice commands.

Illinois Wesleyan was one of the first universities in the state to be accepted into Google’s Glass Explorer program. Forty-eight students, faculty and staff applied for the opportunity to experiment with Glass and create a project through the use of this new technology.

The 14 participants selected will conduct their experiments over the next year, and will share their projects and experiences with Glass during campus meetings in the spring of 2015.

The selected projects include:

  • Chelci Wilson ’16, music education major, will incorporate Glass into lesson plans and explore the benefits of conducting an ensemble by recording both audio and video.
  • Lee Assam, adjunct professor of computer science, will experiment with robotic applications to build a remote-controlled car.
  • Patrick Domke ’15, business administration, will use Glass to develop a recruitment video that features our student athletes and campus sports opportunities, for use as a recruiting tool.
  • Matthew Mason ’16, music performance major, will test Glass in the performance art setting to see how it enables musicians at work.
  • Van Miller, associate director of the Wesleyan Fund, intends to use Glass to develop a Titan Traditions tour.
  • Alan Russian ’15, computer science major, will involve the campus computer science club to develop different applications.
  • Elias Miller ’17, music theatre major, will incorporate Glass in his Dance Composition class and develop choreography for the student dance concert.
  • Amanda Hopkins, assistant professor in the School of Nursing, will use Glass in her clinical course work, caring for children and non-English speaking patients.
  • Edgar Lehr, assistant professor of biology, expects to hone his ability to play the bagpipes by using Glass to follow his music scores.
  • Sean Mullins, adjunct professor of educational studies, plans to develop course content for his summer science camp on the IWU campus.
  • Herman Emmerling ’16, acting major, anticipates using Glass to develop and record a scene for his staged sword fighting class.
  • Becky Altic, professional laboratory associate and simulation expert in the School of Nursing, will use Glass with her students during May Term for simulations and clinical competencies.
  • Kyle O’Daniel ’15, educational studies and secondary education major, will take Glass into his student teaching assignment to develop his self-study research project.
  • Colin Stewart, director of student activities and leadership programs, expects to use Glass to enable his program team leaders to develop programs that add to the co-curricular experience on campus.

For additional information regarding the Google Glass project, contact Karen Schmidt, university librarian, at or (309) 556-3834.

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