Students Name Jaeckle Professor of the Year

Will Jaeckle
Will Jaeckle

April 21, 2014

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois Wesleyan University’s students have voted Associate Professor of Biology William Jaeckle as the 2014 Professor of the Year. The annual election is coordinated by Illinois Wesleyan’s Student Senate.

“We received over 150 nominations for over 60 different professors,” said Jake Sloan, Student Senate chief of staff. “In the final election, almost 600 students participated in the vote.”

Jaeckle, who will address the Class of 2014 at the Commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 4, said, “I am both honored and surprised by this selection. Ultimately, my teaching is made easier by working with students who are invested in their own education, and if they are willing to make an effort, then so am I.”

After joining the Illinois Wesleyan faculty in 2000, he began teaching courses such as “Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology,” “Histology” and “Biostatistics and Experimental Design.” His primary research interests are focused on understanding the types of food consumed by aquatic invertebrate animals, the energetic value of these different food types, and the mechanisms used by animals to capture these materials. He mentors undergraduate research students who complete projects on these and other topics. Through his interest in the feeding biology of invertebrate animals, he has taken multiple field research expeditions to the tropical (Bahamas, Belize, Panama) and polar (Antarctica) marine environments.

Jaeckle’s research has been published in numerous journals, such as The Biological Bulletin, Invertebrate Biology and Marine Biology.  

A native of Mill Valley, Ca., Jaeckle received a bachelor of arts degree in zoology from Humboldt State University in Arcata, Ca. and a doctorate in biology from the University of Southern California.

For next year’s election, Student Senate announced an additional award for the Staff Member of the Year. This can be given to any administrator, admissions counselor, custodian or any other non-teaching university employee who displays exemplary work at Illinois Wesleyan.

For additional information regarding the awards, contact Sloan at

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