Employees Honored for Years of Service

April 11, 2014

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Illinois Wesleyan University honored retirees and employees celebrating milestone anniversaries at its 23rd annual recognition banquet on April 9.


  • Jane Baines, Office of Advancement
  • Susan Bassi, Office of the President
  • Shela Bondurant-Koehler, School of Music
  • Bob Bray, English Department
  • Larry Claycomb, Physical Plant
  • Lynn DeVore, English Department
  • Steve Eggleston, School of Music
  • Ann Harding, Alumni Relations
  • George Krippenstapel, School of Music
  • Regina Linsalata, Multi Programs
  • Doyle Martin, Physical Plant
  • Patrick McLane, Information Technology Services
  • Tom Moore, Physical Plant
  • Pam Muirhead, English Department
  • Steve Peterson, Physical Plant
  • Mary Beth Phillips, Business Office
  • Ben Rhodes, Office of Advancement
  • Sherry Wallace, Office of Communications

Milestone Anniversaries

50 Years

  • Dennie Bridges, Physical Education Department

 40 Years

  • Bob Hippensteele, Biology Department
  • Bob Leekley, Economics Department

 35 Years

  • Miles Bair, School of Art
  • Steve Eggleston, School of Music
  • Sam Embry, Physical Plant
  • George Fish, Physical Plant
  • George Guminski ,Security Department
  • Jim Sikora, Sociology and Anthropology Department
  • Kevin Strandberg, School of Art
  • Carl Teichman, Office of the Presiden

30 Years

  • Lynn DeVore, English Department

25 Years

  • Marina Balina, German, Russian and East Asian Languages Department
  • Chris Callahan, French and Italian Department
  • Lisa Caughron, Information Technology Services
  • Dale Conover, Physical Plant
  • Michele Darnell, Admissions Office
  • Laura Dolan, School of Music
  • Gordon Horwitz, History Department
  • Nancy Loitz, School of Theatre Arts
  • Sheri Marley, School of Theatre Arts
  • Steve Novel, Physical Plant
  • Mike Seeborg, Economics Department
  • Trey Short, Information Technology Services
  • Susan Sombeck, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services
  • Kelly Ullom, School of Theatre Arts
  • Greg Whitwood, Physical Plant

20 Years

  • Jeanna Brown, Physical Plant
  • Jenny Hand, Institutional Research and Planning
  • Bill Kauth, Physical Education Department
  • Dave Marvin, Business Administration Department
  • Carolyn Nadeau, Hispanic Studies Department
  • Tari Renner, Political Science
  • Robert Schultz, History Department

15 Years

  • Melinda Baur, Chemistry Department
  • Patty Burns, Security Department
  • Walter Carter ,Physical Plant
  • Paul Clark, Security Department
  • Kent Cook, School of Music
  • Kandi Currie, Security Department
  • Dan Dietsch, Physical Plant
  • Roselia Garcia, Physical Plant
  • Rebecca Gearhart, Sociology and Anthropology Department
  • Talley Gentry, Office of the Registrar
  • Nina Gordon, School of Music
  • Tony Heaton, The Ames Library
  • Carrie Hymer, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services
  • Christina Isabelli, Hispanic Studies Department
  • Abby Jahiel, Political Science
  • Sue Milligan, Office of the President
  • Suzanne Noonan, Career Center
  • Ilaria Ossella-Durbal, Economics Department
  • Marcia Thomas, The Ames Library
  • Armie Thompson, School of Theatre Arts
  • Joerg Tiede, Computer Science Department
  • Loni Walker, Biology Department
  • Joe Williams, Psychology Department

10 Years

  • Mary Anderson, Physical Plant
  • Cheri Armstrong, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Brandon Christol, Admissions Office
  • Stephanie Davis-Kahl, The Ames Library
  • Nora Espino Reyes, Physical Plant
  • Edilia Garcia, Physical Plant
  • Patti Henderson, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculty
  • Rita Kaiser, The Ames Library
  • David Kistner, Counseling and Consultation Services
  • Dan Klotzbach, Business Office
  • Seung - Hwan Lee, Mathematics Department
  • Leah Nillas, Educational Studies Department
  • Elisabeta Pana, Business Administration Department
  • Adriana Ponce, School of Music
  • Kevin Sullivan, Religion Department
  • Connie Vail, Alumni Relations
  • Dick Wilson, Office of the President

5 Years

  • Michele Brady, Office of Advancement
  • Craig Broadbent, Economics Department
  • Darryl Brown, Business Administration Department
  • Meghan Burke, Sociology and Anthropology Department
  • Amy Coles, History Department
  • Bruno deHarak, Physics Department
  • Tina Keller, Information Technology Services
  • Stephanie Kohl Ringle, School of Music
  • Edgar Lehr, Biology Department
  • Jean Lieder, Office of Advancement
  • Mark Liffiton, Computer Science Department
  • Mignon Montpetit, Psychology Department
  • Andrew Reddington, Financial Aid Office
  • Natalie Schmidt, Office of Advancement
  • Stacy Seaman, Natural Sciences
  • Lisa Searing, School of Nursing
  • Andrew Shallue, Mathematics Department