State Farm’s Passion For Education Celebrated at Luncheon

State Farm Scholars
State Farm Scholars

March 6, 2014

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— The annual State Farm Scholars luncheon, which took place on March 5 in the Young Main Lounge, brought company representatives together with many of this year’s 100 scholarship recipients supported by grants from the State Farm Companies Foundation. Over the first six years of this program, approximately 225 Illinois Wesleyan students have been named State Farm Scholars.

“I know of no other liberal arts college in the United States that has a corporate scholarship program with the same range and level of support that we enjoy through the State Farm Scholars program,” said University President Richard F. Wilson. “And, as everyone knows, State Farm’s commitment extends well beyond scholarships to other key areas including the lead gift for our new State Farm Hall classroom building, the Action Research Center, Accounting Leaders of Tomorrow and the Minority Academic Achievement Celebration for elementary and high school students in McLean County.” 

This spring the 125th State Farm Scholar will graduate from Illinois Wesleyan. Each year 100 students, 25 from each class year, are provided with financial assistance by the program, which began in 2008.

Tia Lindell, manager of the State Farm Companies Foundation, noted in her remarks that “there’s a real passion for education” at State Farm and that comes in large measure from their Chairman and CEO Edward B. Rust, Jr., a 1972 Illinois Wesleyan graduate. She also noted that the Foundation is proud to be able to invest in students who they are confident will be “great leaders” in their own right.

Senior accounting major Matt Pankau, who interned with State Farm over the summer and will join the company following graduation, delivered remarks on behalf of his fellow State Farm Scholars. Pankau noted that his first contact with State Farm came when his father gave him an auto insurance card as a teen and that he was thankful he never had to use it. He went on to thank State Farm for sending its executives to share their expertise with his business classes and for what he described as the “awesome State Farm Hall.”

To learn more about the State Farm Scholars program contact Jeff Mavros, director of the Wesleyan Fund (309) 556-3024.

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