Williams '10 Wins Ulysses International Art Competition

Travis Williams
Travis Williams

Jan. 13, 2014               

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Travis Williams, Class of 2010, of Manteno, Ill., recently received international recognition from the Modernist Versions Project’s (MVP) “Year of Ulysses International Art Competition” with his drawing, Ulysses: The Human Bodyssey. Williams received a cash prize for his achievement.

Williams, who majored in English at Illinois Wesleyan, originally produced Ulysses: The Human Bodyssey for a James Joyce course taught by Kathleen O'Gorman, professor of English, with additional work being done for Williams' senior seminar course taught by Daniel Terkla, professor of English. The work was also presented at the John Wesley Powell Conference in 2010.

According to Williams’ description of his work, “In a chart published in Stuart Gilbert's James Joyce's Ulysses: a Study, each of the 18 episodes of Ulysses are shown to correspond to an episode or character of The Odyssey and, with the exception of three episodes, to a specific organ of the human body.” Ulysses: The Human Bodyssey reconstructs Joyce’s modernist novel “in the form of a life-size drawing of the human body, illustrating each organ using only words from the corresponding episodes of the novel.”    

The MVP, a Canada-based project that reaches across the world, aims to enable new critical insights and advance the potential for comparative interpretations of modernist texts by digitizing, collating, versioning and visualizing the texts.

For additional information, contact Illinois Wesleyan University’s Office of Communications at (309) 556-3181. For additional information about Williams’ work, visit the Digital Commons for a description and digital reproduction of the project.

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