Student Composition Concert

Oct. 15, 2013   

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— The Illinois Wesleyan School of Music will feature a concert of students’ composition on Saturday, October 26 in the Westbrook Auditorium of Presser Hall (1210 N. Park St., Bloomington). The concert is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

As a part of the IWU New Music Series, this is the first of two student composition concerts the School of Music will present this academic school year.

The program will include:

  •     Untitled, by Madz Negro

−    Madz Negro, violin
−    Megan Win, Abigail Lyons, soprano
−    Elena Denny, Lisa Mishra, alto
−    Sean Leeds, Ayethaw Tun, tenor
−    Loreto Delgado, Eric Novak, bass

  •     Sunflower Boy (Text: Connor O. Speck), by Thomas Bravos

−    Thomas Bravos, voice, piano

  •     The Pirate Polonaise, by Ethan Berg

−    Ethan Berg, piano

  •     A Theme and Variations on the Munsell Breezeway, by Joseph Bakke

−    Recorded electroacoustic composition

  •     Free Improvisation

−    Eric Novak, baritone sax
−    Madz Negro, violin
−    Abigail Lyons, piano

  •     A Very Gaga String Quintet, by Nora Buckingham

−    Madz Negor, Cara Fulcher, violin
−    Anna Wagner, viola
−    John McHugh, violoncello
−    Bassist to be announced

  •     Little Grace, by Abigail Lyons

−    Abigail Lyons, voice, ukulele
−    Madz Negro, violin, voice

  •     A Razor Wicked, by Ethan Berg and Eric Novak

−    Eric Novak, vocal
−    Luke McLoughlin, trombone
−    Ethan Berg, piano
−    Abigail Lyons, organ
−    Ayethaw Tun, guitar
−    Jonas Wightman, bass
−    Derek McAnally, drum

For additional information, contact the School of Music Office at (309) 556-3061.

Contact: Kinzie Schweigert ‘15 (309) 556-3181,