Gateway Essay Winners Announced

Nov. 25, 2013               

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Winners of the 2012-13 Best Gateway Essay contest have been announced.

First-place went to sophomore Christine Peterson for her essay “Lost in Translation,” which discusses the validity of education in the U. S. for non-English speaking students in two classroom environments: bilingual and English-only classrooms. The essay was written for the course Language and Identity, taught by Christina Isabelli, chair and professor of Hispanic studies.

Runner-up and sophomore Lydia Rudd wrote “Down a Dusty Haitian Road” for The Good Doctor, taught by adjunct faculty member Kathy Zurkowski. Other runner-up and sophomore Valerie Mack wrote “Reputation and Social Perfection: The Social Creation of Mr. Hyde.” The essay was written for visiting assistant professor Adam Woodis’ course, Grotesque and Eerie Tales of the 19th century.

The students will have their achievements cited in IWU’s upcoming Honors Convocation program. The works are also available to the IWU community on IWU’s Digital Commons

Gateway Colloquium courses are designed for first-year students. The courses, which are taught by a variety of professors and cover a broad range of subjects, aim to improve the writing skills of these students.

Writing Center tutors judged the submissions, which were first nominated by Gateway faculty. The Writing Committee made the final decisions from a list of finalists.

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