Chemistry Professor Authors Eighth Textbook

James House Book Cover

Nov. 7, 2012                                  

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – The newest edition of Inorganic Chemistry (Academic Press), the eighth college science textbook authored by Illinois Wesleyan’s James E. House, could be the last from this prolific author and honored teacher whose teaching career spans 45 years. 

“This book is one of the few inorganic chemistry texts at this level to have color illustrations,” said House. “Every drawing was produced by me, which is unusual for a chemistry author.” He also noted the second edition contains expanded coverage of superacids, catalysis, organometallic and bio-inorganic chemistry.

A popular teacher who was named Professor of the Year in 2011 by the Wesleyan student body, House has been an adjunct faculty member at Wesleyan since his 1997 retirement from the chemistry department at Illinois State University. House has also written Principles of Chemical Kinetics (Academic Press), Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (Academic Press) and Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry (Academic Press), the latter written with his wife, Kathleen House. A Japanese translation of the first edition of Inorganic Chemistry was also published this fall. 

He believes the latest edition of Inorganic Chemistry will probably be his last textbook. “It is my statement to the profession,” House declared. “This is what my life has been about all these years.

“When you reach a certain age, you begin to think about the legacy you will leave,” he adds. “Through the textbooks, I hope to leave some evidence of my life and work in the hearts and minds of the students.”

Inorganic Chemistry, Second Edition is now available on, from the publisher and numerous other booksellers. 

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