Shaw's Book Aims to Make the Healthcare Debate Understandable

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – The debate over healthcare in America was intensified with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Illinois Wesleyan University Professor of Political Science Greg Shaw tackles the debate in his 2010 book, The Healthcare Debate, part of the Greenwood Press’ Historical Guides to Controversial Issues in America series.

Shaw’s book examines how recent events play into the picture of the debate over healthcare in America, from government and insurance involvement, and the evolution of Medicare and Medicaid, to the rise and fall of the Clinton healthcare plan, and the recent struggles toward a healthcare system.

“Healthcare is intimate for people. As opposed to how we build interstate highways or national parks, how people get their healthcare is something about which they care passionately, but do not fully understand,” said Shaw. “This will remain a dominant issue for the current generation, and well into the foreseeable future.”

A graduate of Columbia University with a doctorate in political science, Shaw said he wanted to write a book that would bring diverse insights and arguments about the role of government and healthcare. “Much of the literature on the subject tends to be either very polemic, with finger pointing between ‘hard-hearted conservatives’ and ‘soft-headed liberals,'” said Shaw, “or there is very specialized literature,” which tends to lose the general reader in jargon or esoteric arguments.

Shaw added he hopes The Healthcare Debate pulls together the arguments over healthcare into a format accessible to public and scholars alike. He approached another controversial subject in a similar fashion with his 2007 book The Welfare Debate (Greenwood Press).

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