Heather Prasse '16, center, met Susan '77 and Herb Getz '77, who provided her scholarship support.

Illinois Wesleyan Announces 23 New Scholarships

Sept. 28, 2012 

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Twenty-three new named Illinois Wesleyan scholarships were announced at the 16th annual Scholarship Benefactor Dinner on Thursday, Sept. 27. The dinner, which brings together named scholarship recipients and their donors, is a celebration of the philanthropy that enables the University to provide more than $32 million in financial aid each year to about nine in 10 Wesleyan students.

"The willingness of alumni and friends to help meet the financial needs of current students is a proud tradition at Illinois Wesleyan," said President Richard F. Wilson. "We are indebted to those who were honored at this dinner and to all those over the years who have made the dream of an Illinois Wesleyan education possible for so many of our students and their families."

The Scholarship Benefactor Dinner filled the Young Main Lounge at the Memorial Center with about 200 scholarship recipients and benefactors, which was one of the largest gatherings in the event's history. Included in this group were the benefactors for 14 of the newly named scholarships, who had the opportunity to meet their student recipients for the very first time.

The named scholarships announced are part of the University's $125 million Transforming Lives fundraising campaign. A key priority of the campaign is raising $30 million in student scholarship support.

Named scholarships are typically directed to students with high financial need and donors often designate an academic program area, hometown, group affiliation or other attribute of the scholarship recipient they would like to support.Named scholarships can be funded annually or on in perpetuity through an endowment.

The tradition of naming scholarships at Illinois Wesleyan dates back to 1893 when the Board of Trustees chose to honor those contributing $1,000 or more. In 1895 the first named scholarships were designated honoring William W. Anderson of Taylorville and Martha Elzina Cameron of Greenville.

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