2010-2011 Student Profile for Illinois Wesleyan

Sept. 20, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Illinois Wesleyan University welcomed 587 members of the class of 2014 to the campus Aug. 17. Classes began on Aug. 23, with a total enrollment of 2,094, which includes six part-time students.

Of the 587 first-year students who have enrolled at the University, 314 are women, and 273 are men.  Among first-years there are also 31 African American, 34 Hispanic, and 29 Asian/Pacific Islander students enrolled at Illinois Wesleyan. In addition to the first-year students, there were 26 transfer students entering this fall.

Among the 617 new students to the University, 29 intend to be music majors, 36 nursing majors, nine theatre-arts majors, nine music theatre majors, and six art majors. The remaining 528 students are enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts.

The average American College Test (ACT) composite score for the total first-year class is 28.1. A perfect score is 36 and the national average composite score for 2010 is 22.

Attending Illinois Wesleyan this school year are 2,012 domestic students representing 34 states. Also enrolled are 82 international students representing 22 nations. Of those, 16 are first-year students, one transfer, and four exchange students representing citizens of nine nations.

“This year’s entering class is exceptionally talented by any measure,” said Bob Murray, dean of Enrollment Management for Illinois Wesleyan. “As one of the largest classes in the history of the University, the academic profile of our students compares very well with the best schools nationally. We are again pleased about the continued progress of enrolling students with diverse racial, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds.  Obviously, we continue to remain a ‘first-choice’ school among most of our applicants and are an affordable option to students and families regardless of their financial situation.”

Murray continued: “We are extremely excited that our freshmen-to-sophomore retention rate continues to exceed 91 percent. We believe this reflects the exceptional experience our students receive and their desire to graduate from a nationally recognized university.”

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