Pupils of Rogy's Learning Place were on hand to help break ground on the new Rogy's facility, which will accommodate children from Illinois Wesleyan and other institutions. 

Rogy's to Open Facility for Children
of IWU, ISU and BroMenn

October 29, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Officials from Illinois Wesleyan University joined those from Illinois State University (ISU) and BroMenn Healthcare in a groundbreaking ceremony of the new Rogy's Learning Place in Normal. Rogy's will offer childcare to faculty and staff members of the three institutions. The ceremony took place at the corner of Main and Harris Streets.

In their yellow hard hats, using small golden shovels, current Rogy's pupils were the first to break ground. On hand as well were members of Rogy's Learning Place, community leaders, IWU Child Care Committee members, Stelle Construction, Young Architect, Farnsworth Group, and friends of Illinois Wesleyan, ISU and BroMenn Healthcare.

The new building will be 13,000 square feet and will accommodate approximately 180 children. The state-of-the-art facility will include a number of classrooms with amenities specifically for children, a lending library, four playgrounds, one of which will have a water feature, and a play area designated for indoor play when weather does not permit going outdoors.

The need expressed by IWU faculty and staff for high quality, affordable childcare services on, or in close proximity, to the Illinois Wesleyan campus led to the development of the current IWU Child Care Committee in February of 2002.  The committee was tasked to study IWU’s childcare needs and to make recommendations about how to address those needs in both long and short term. In the summer of 2007 the committee proposed to the IWU administration a land lease concept in which an outside childcare provider would finance, build, and manage a childcare facility on University owned land.

In September of 2007, Illinois Wesleyan, ISU and BroMenn Healthcare joined in a collaborative effort to procure childcare services for their employees through a request for proposal process.  A centrally located piece of land at Harris and Main, owned by BroMenn, was chosen as the site for the childcare center.

Rogy’s was announced as the childcare provider this September at the end of a selection process which included interviews and site visits. Rogy’s is working in consultation with committee members from the three institutions in regards to building design, landscaping, and programming. 

"I would be less than honest if I didn't say that there were times when I was concerned that we might not be able to pull this project together," said President Richard F. Wilson at the groundbreaking ceremony. "Fortunately, we have a long history of partnering with BroMenn and ISU, relationships which served us well as we navigated a wide range of legal, financial and programming issues. We have also been well served by our partnership with Rogy's Learning Place."

Founded in 1972 by Rae Jeanne and Richard L. Rogy, Rogy's Learning Place is a family owned and operated childcare center. What started out as a small business with 25 children enrolled in the first center has grown exponentially to 19 locations in Illinois and Ohio with over 2,700 children enrolled.

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