New Student Health Groups Join for Fundraiser

February 19, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Three new Illinois Wesleyan student organizations are joining forces to level the playing field for health care across the world.

The Illinois Wesleyan chapter of the national organization FACE AIDS, along with the University groups Global Medical Brigade and Titan EMS will be raising funds for their perspective groups through a raffle for a Wii game system and the popular Rock Band game starting March 1.

Face AIDS Logo

The organizations, which all began last year, have very different approaches to health care, but a first-year Illinois Wesleyan student believes they share the same ideal. “Our goal is better health care for everyone – to bring about global health equality,” said Michael Henry, the founder of the Illinois Wesleyan chapter of FACE AIDS, which raises awareness and funds to fight AIDS in Africa. “We can do that by helping to raise money for international organizations as well as our University organizations that focus on health care.”

The fund-raiser is based on a FACE AIDS awareness campaign that distributes handmade pins made by people from Rwanda suffering from AIDS. “We’re going to put raffle tickets on the pins as well, and distribute them for a $5 donation,” said Henry, a biology major from Teutopolis, Ill. The raffle will run until April 4.

Global Brigade Logo

The money raised by each group will go to support their efforts to promote health care. FACE AIDS will donate money to Partners in Health, an international organization that provides health care to impoverished people. The Global Medical Brigade will use funds to offset costs of an upcoming trip to Central America, where student will provide free medical care to those in poverty. Titan EMS plans to help Illinois Wesleyan students attend CPR classes and bring speakers to campus. “So many of our members talk about their interest in international groups like Doctors Without Borders. It would be great if they could get their first step working toward good health for everyone around the globe right here on campus,” said Titan EMS leader Megan Gleason, a junior psychology major from Clarendon Hills, Ill.

Devin Boydstun

Devon Boydsun

“It’s great that the three new health groups on campus are working together,” said Devon Boydstun, a sophomore chemistry major from Galesburg, Ill., who will travel with the Brigade this June to Honduras.                                    

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