Women of Lockerbie

In a scene from Women of Lockerbie are, from left,
Carly Morgan Stocking '10, Carly Jones '10, Nick Goodman '10 and Lily Lowell '11.

Theatre Returns to Artistic Roots in the Play The Women of Lockerbie

October 15, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Illinois Wesleyan University’s School of Theatre Arts recognizes the forgotten tragedy of Pan Am Flight 103 with The Women of Lockerbie. The show will run for three nights from Thursday, Oct. 23 through Saturday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m., and will take place in the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theatre (304 E. Graham St., Bloomington).

“What is exciting about this show is that it is very actor-orientated rather than relying on any major design or concept as a crutch. The actors and I have experimented with everything from naturalistic movement to stillness to pure abstract expressionism of sounds and progress to figure out the best way of presenting the material to the audience,” said student director, Marshall Garret '09.

Also new to the Laboratory Theatre is the process of using existing props and already made items, instead of building sets and creating costumes from scratch. Because of this change the audience members will not see a typical production. "The audience will see the result of an intimate developmental process between the actors and director, with some essential elements of design thrown in," said theatre major Catherine Smith '09.

The play Women of Lockerbie takes place seven years after the Pan Am crash, and the women of Lockerbie, Scotland struggle to set up a laundry project to wash the 11,000 articles of victim clothing that were found in the plane’s wreckage to return to their families.

Author Deborah Brevoort is said to keep the tragic drama heightened by sticking closely to the conventions of Grecian theatre as compared to modern day productions. This is done through episodes, dialogues and odes to mourn the tale of Pan Am 103. Following this Grecian tradition the actors themselves will use an ancient Greek approach in their acting techniques.

“In Greek theatre it was far more important how the audience felt and was move. The catharsis is for the audience, not the actor,” Garret said.

Women of Lockerbie was written in 1998 in Copenhagen, Denmark during a playwriting residency sponsored by new dramatists. In 2001 the play won the silver medal in the Onassis International Playwriting Competition and was awarded the Kennedy Center Fund of New American Plays award.

Tickets go on sale Monday, Oct. 20 and are $3 each, or $1 for senior citizens and students with a valid school ID. For additional information or to reserve tickets in advance, call the McPherson Theatre box office at (309) 556-3232.

Cast Members: Nick Goodman (Bill), Carly Stocking (Madeline), Carly Jones (Olive), Hannah Kramer (Woman 1), Lily Lowell (Woman 2), Lizzie Schwarzrock (Hattie), Tom Gooding (George).

Production Team: Marshall Garret (Director), Alyssa Julien (Assistant Director), Elsa Richardson (Co-Production Designer), Marcia McDonald (Co-Production Designer), Armie Thompson (Technical Director), Zez Ready (Stage Manager).

Contact: Kimberly Stabosz ‘09 (309) 556-3181