Theatre Professor and Students Contribute to IDEA

May 29, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Sandra Lindberg, associate professor of theatre arts at Illinois Wesleyan University, has been named an associate editor for the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA), a Web site that hosts dialect recordings and transcriptions from native speakers worldwide.

IDEA was created in 1997 as a free, online library of primary source recordings for the performing arts. Lindberg's appointment follows the work she and the students of her spring 2008 "Voice/Speech IV" class completed for the site, creating orthographic transcriptions of numerous American southern dialect samples.

Lindberg has completed 15 transcriptions and will transcribe 10 more dialect samples over the summer. Additionally, in the fall, Lindberg will begin recording dialect samples on the IWU campus. IDEA's creator, Paul Meier, professor of theatre at the University of Kansas, remarks that each transcription is equivalent to publication in a peer reviewed, professional journal.

IDEA's transcribers are individually credited for each of their works on the IDEA site. Illinois Wesleyan student transcribers are Kyle Blair ('09), Natalie Boccumini ('08), Tom Duncan ('09), Steve Gonabe ('08), Hannah Kramer ('09), Marti Lyons ('08), Russell Matthews ('09), Chris Olmstead ('09), Seth Reid ('09), Elsa Richardson ('09), Kevin Schuering ('09), Rebecca Segal ('08), Carly Stocking ('08), Jessica Tidd ('09) and Katie Whalley ('09).

For additional information about IDEA, contact Lindberg at or visit the IDEA Web site at

    Contact: Jessica Block '09, (309) 556-3181