President Wilson

Richard F. Wilson

Wilson Appointed to Commission on Women in Higher Education

July 30, 2008 

BLOOMINGTON, ILL. – The American Council on Education (ACE) has appointed Illinois Wesleyan University President Richard F. Wilson to the Commission on Women in Higher Education for a three-year term. The Commission, comprised of 30 to 40 presidents from every major type of academic institution, provides council to the ACE and the ACE’s Office of Women in Higher Education (OWHE).

Since the founding of the ACE in 1973, the OWHE has been dedicated to providing national leadership in the advancement of women into executive positions and campus presidencies. The OWHE’s mission statement includes identifying women leaders, developing and encouraging their abilities, and linking them to a nationwide support system. Signature programs are the National and Regional Leadership Forums and the ACE State Networks, both of which bring women and men committed to addressing the needs of women in the academic world together for needed discussion.

Appointed by the President of the ACE, members of the Commission are active advisers to the OWHE and ACE, offering opinions on policies and issues related to women in higher education. The Commission also assists with the evaluation of current programs and suggests new program initiatives.

Wilson’s appointment to the Commission was effective July 1, 2008 and will culminate on June 30, 2011.

For additional information about the Commission on Women in Higher Education, visit the ACE Web site.

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